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  1. Wow, between the U.S. Spitfires, the JV44 190D and the Tempest Mk.II this is shaping up to be a brillant (and expensive) month. Not much left of the 1/72 revolution they announced a while back, that's for sure.
  2. It is certainly state of the art, wouldn't call it cheap though. Depending on the store I can get 2-3 Zvezda snap kits for the price of one Arma Hobby. I don't doubt the quality of the AH kits, but that kind of price difference is relevant for me.
  3. Good catch! The spinner does look off on those renders. Let's hope it gets corrected before release because a cheap state-of-the-art Hurricane Mk.II does sound pretty appealing.
  4. Light Ghost Gray certainly looks correct for the grey when looking at pictures of the real thing. (Some pretty cool ones too!) Given that the camo is meant to evoke an older, possibly WW2 look the green might be some version of US Medium Green, doesn't look like anything resembling Olive Drab. Revell's newish policy of only including decals for one single option is very annoying, especially in cases like this where the camo is fairly special (same thing for their various colorful "special occasion" jets). The Italeri kit does indeed include the same plastic with four decals version
  5. Is it just me or has the leaflet been updated? I'm not seeing any scale depicted on the box on p.52. Definitely feels like a teaser, surely it would have been much easier to just grab an actual 1/48 P-51 box for that picture.
  6. This matches my experience. Their instructions tend to follow the lines of "just stick it on there or if you really care, look it up". That P-51D might be worth picking up just to have some more decal options for the Airfix Mustang.
  7. So it's not just my imagination! I'm currently finishing Eduard's 1/48 Tempest and while the kit itself is an absolute dream, some of the smaller decals were the stuff of nightmares. It's especially bad with squadron markings where some movement on the surface is just necessary to properly align them. Really disappointing to go from Cartograf to that. As far as the kit selection goes I can't blame Eduard for re-releasing some of their excellent renditions of popular aircraft. 2021 is a slow year for them, at least for me, but that was to be expected.
  8. That looks wonderful. I like how DoraWings seem to release every obscure type they do in both 1/72 and 1/48, definitely economical given that they have done the renders. Was on the fence about a 1/48 Vanguard, but in 1/72 it's a no brainer for me
  9. Nice, so they are definitely going to release both the A and the B versions. Really looking forward to this.
  10. Interesting for sure. I haven't build anything from Academy that would qualify as recent - anybody have an idea what to expect from a 2021, 1/48 Academy kit?
  11. The paint schemes for that Pfalz look pretty tempting. Having four of them is certainly a good fit for WWI German fighters and the endless amount of colorful finishes they come in.
  12. I'm thinking schedule some three or four hours, grab a good brush and practice frustration management! The box art does look spectacular - I'll have to really think about which version of this to get. Didn't really have the Swedish paint scheme on my radar but it would certainly stand out in any collection. (Is there a reason the Swedish insignia are so over the top large??)
  13. I love how there's always more to learn on stuff like this! Turns out there's even a copy of said Curtiss paperwork online. The word "Interceptor" can probably be used freely for either version as it's less of a given name and more of a job description - the concept of the plane was centered around the interceptor role, so putting "CW-21 Interceptor" on the box of a kit would be like putting "Ju 87 Dive Bomber"!
  14. Ooh, that is a brillant choice! Such a beautiful little airplane and pretty much no kit (in any scale) available. No idea how well these Dora Wings kits build but their philosophy of tackling obscure WW2 stuff certainly makes them very attractive.
  15. Cheers guys, that's exactly what I needed! So it would either be the very early production CUs with army insignia or training aircraft with air force insignia. Thanks
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