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  1. thank you all so much for your kind words; really appreciate it! I still think I might change the stowage, it's kind of generic and there's a few things missing – the original looks way cooler with additional storage racks and even a frickin' pirate flag This was my main reference for the build:
  2. Hi guys! Here are some pics of my USMC M1A1 Abrams. It’s the Meng Models 1:35 scale kit; built as it comes out of the box. I just added some Tamiya stowage plus the markings for this specific tank I ordered from Italeri. The model is airbrushed&hairspray-chipped with Tamiya, it was weathered with Abteilung 502. Looking forward to your feedback!
  3. Thanks guys; I appreciate the compliments! See illustration below in terms of the purpose of the improvised armor. If you want to read some more on it; there you go: https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2-usa-improvised-armor-on-m4-shermans-in-the-pto/
  4. Hi Guys I recently finished my „Three Shermans in the PTO“ - Caesar (Tinian, 1944), El Toro (Guam, 1944) & Davy Jones (Iwo Jima, 1945) in 1:35 scale. I used the newer Zvezda Kit (for Caesar), the older Dragon Tarawa kit (for El toro) and the Italeri USMC Sherman kit for Davy Jones. Individual tracks for Caesar plus duck bills for Davy Jones from Bronco, plus a bunch of aftermarket stuff for all three of them. Some minor scratchbuilding was done on Davy Jones. Decals via Toro Decals. They were painted with Mig's Ammo colours, weathering was done with oils (Abteilung 502) and pigments (Vallejo/AK Interactive). ...looking forward to your feedback!
  5. Hi guys. I'm currently attempting to build the M4A2 pictured below (Peleliu, 1944). I know that it belonged to A company of the 1st USMC Tank Battalion. I would appreciate a feedback from an expert though concerning the pennant/flag (not sure how to call it, being a non-native english speaker). What would that be? An organizational guidon? Wouldn't they be square though? What else could it be? Looking forward to an informed answer, thanks in advance!
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