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  1. Gnome Rhone 14N-25 (1080 hp) engine for Bloch MB 151, from spares
  2. As construction continues, the many problems of the kit become apparent (why not have the Dora Wings counterpart, but struggle with the old Heller?). Cowling is completely wrong, not only for the MB 151 but also for the MB 152 offered by the kit. The air intake has a very closed diameter, perhaps because no engine is provided. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn grinding the inside to fit an engine. I had previously cleaned the outside of the flash. I also limited the length of the air intake below the cowling. Finally, I scraped the exhaust grilles
  3. Along with the MB151, I also started the Maccji MC200 Saetta, with cockpit construction.
  4. Construction and painting of the tiny cockpit (floor, piping, instrument panels, levers, seat belts)
  5. I will start with the construction of Bloch 151 from the kit of Master Box MB 152 (molds of Heller), which also contains Greek decals. It will need some modifications to introduce the MB 151, such as, reconstruction of the air intake, at the bottom of the cowling and the exhaust. The kit is vintage and does not have much detail. The engine, cockpit and instrument panel are missing, there is only the inaccurate seat and an unacceptable pilot. I will build rudimentary cockpits and nests of the landing system while I will also scrib the details on the fuselage and the wings.
  6. In the early hours of October 28, 1940, Italian Axis forces attacked Greece, just hours before the end of the ultimatum delivered by Italian Ambassador Emanuele Grazzi to Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas. The funny thing is that both Italy and Greece had a fascist regime, as a dictatorship was imposed on Greece in 1936. In the mountains of Epirus, after the first strategic retreat, Greek forces counterattacked and occupied large areas of Albania, through which an attempt was made to penetrate Greece. At that time the Royal Hellenic Air Force was limitedly equipped. The main
  7. The idea at an early stage of implementation.
  8. Unfinished elements of a dramatic scene.
  9. As the vehicle was being completed, it was realized that if a closed roof was installed, the work done on the figures would not be visible. So, despite the completion of the painting and the weathering on the fabric roof, I decided at the last moment to change my plans and install the open one.
  10. The chassis of the vehicle with the engine and the other accessories was completed and painted.
  11. Airfix Hawker Hurricane MKI the deffender of Maleme, Crete. Convertion from from the MKIIc kit I had available. It concerns the last remaining aircraft at the airport of Maleme, Crete, shortly before the occupation of the island by the Germans. It managed to take off and escape to Egypt.
  12. In order to deal with the war in the Falklands again, I decided to build the Matchbox Westland Wessex. I found this kit at a low price in a second-hand shop. I started the construction by adding details inside, because the matchbox gives a simple kokpit and only the floor in the passenger compartment. The construction was made of plastic sheets and thin plastic rods.
  13. RHAF PZL P-24 (conversion from Heller PZL 11c). At the beginning of the 1980s, in poor modelling Greece, no kit of the basic Greek fighter of ww2 was released. There were not even specialized modeling magazines, only a few columns in AEROPORIA ATHLITIKI (sports aviation) and PTISI (Flight). In the first magazine I found a proposal to convert the available Heller kit that spilled the PZL 11c to PZL 24 (If I remember correctly from Ilias Ntaloumis). Ι did not even know the correct camouflage and I just asked in a model store (there were some in Athens). For t
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