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  1. It started in December 2011. It was initially painted with Humbrol paints without finishing. A month ago it started again with the commitment to end. Figures that will form the crew (TAMIYA and spares) were painted and repainted with Vallejo. Vallejo wash, TAMIYA panel line accent, AK track wash were used also. The painting will be completed soon and the soldiers and ammunition boxes will be placed. The Nebelwerfer 42 will be added soon. I am a fan of worn-out and rusty vehicles. https://www.super-hobby.gr/products/SD.KFZ-10.html#gallery_start
  2. “To hand over the City to you is neither my right nor that of any of its inhabitants; because we all with one soul prefer to die of our own free will and we do not grieve for our lives” [Part of the Byzantine Emperor's response to the Ottoman Siege of Constantinople]. May 29th 1453. The Fall of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks under the leadership of Muhammad II the Conqueror. Constantine 11 Dragasis Palaiologos, the last emperor of the Romans (Byzantines), Greek by father Serbian by mother. He fell fighting for the city at the gate of Romanos. Resin figure 54mm.
  3. Thank you all for the positive comments but also those who were concerned with the issue, for the time they had to see it and respond. I assure you that my intention was not to create any problems. Perhaps because such issues in my country are discussed freely, in every aspect, with a clear position against the persecution of Jews and other minorities. After all, I belong to a country that suffered a lot during the German occupation. But also my special homeland, Crete, as well as my village of origin, experienced agony, fear, hunger, deprivation, arrests, deportations, executions of civilians and transfer to Nazi concentration camps. As for the construction stage, I accept that I am not an authority, nor the best modeler. However, I spent many hours gathering information and constructing and approached the subject with sensitivity, drawing inspiration from the Scottish writer and his protagonist. The setting was clearly led by Mini Art which gives the figures as I made them and with a clear message in box art. P.S. some answers that say "2 cents worth" and "can't give change as we don't do one cent pieces anymore and no refunds given" I did not understand much (maybe I made some sense). Μaybe they are an idiom and my english is very poor and helped by google.
  4. A diorama is the three-dimensional capture of a scene, which is often a historical event. If we consider that modeling is also an art form, it would be good to create emotions in the viewer. What does this diorama depict? In Berlin in 1938, at the height of the Nazi regime, when insults, manipulations and persecution of Jews had been established in addition to official regime policy and accepted as the conscience of "pure-blooded" Germans, in front of a ruined and marked Jewish is played a dramatic scene. An old Jew woman with a yellow star on her lapel has just been hit in the face by a warm-blooded member of the Nazi youth, who is trying to win the congratulations of a high-ranking SS officer on a MERCEDES and bowing her head in despair, submissive to her fate. Who knows if he survived the war? The scene takes place in front of two policemen and two passing passers-by who prefer to be indifferent. Only one spectator, out of motif, gets indignant and shouts: "- You little nazi sweetheart, she's (not a Jew) only an old lady". Unfortunately, this was the situation in Germany in 1938, as described by Philip Kerr in his books. I hope my diorama does not only cause annoyance, but concern, anger and resentment. Let us never forget the crimes of the Nazis and especially that, at some point, they were most accepted by the Germans. P.S. Eighty years ago, on such days, a German regular army of occupation, invaded my grandparents' village and executed all the men in retaliation.
  5. The construction's inspiration came from Philip Kerr Prussian Blue's book starring Bernie Gunther, KriPo's inspector. Born in Berlin, cynical, cruel to criminals and Nazis, polite to women. Born in 1898, this WW1 veteran served many years in KriPo, some of them as an inspector. He also worked as a private investigator, private security at the Adlon Hotel in Berlin, concierge at a C σεte d'Azur hotel, moved between Germany, Russia as a prisoner of war, Cuba, Argentina and France. His path intersected with important events of the period 1914-1957 and with important Nazi officials, such as Himmler, Goebbels, Heydrich, Göring. After the death of his first wife in the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918, he met many women and entered into temporary relationships with women of all nationalities, German, English, Greek, Latin American, North American. He has his own code of honor, he is possessed by ethics and he does not know how to keep his mouth shut in front of anyone. He will always throw a humorous attack, even in front of a dark weapon barrel that marks him. A drinker and smoker, he knows how to appreciate a strong snap and an old brandy, as well as the shapely female legs. I learned about his adventures from a series of 14 books, some of which have not yet been translated into Greek. The inspirer of Philip Kerr unfortunately passed away on 23-3-2018. I got the Masterbox kit used by another modeller, in excellent condition except for its box, which was damaged. Contains three fragile plastic frames, one transparent, decals and rubber wheels. The instructions are not clear and need a lot of study so as not to make a mistake. Generally the kit is over engineered and makes the life of the modeler difficult, but the result is satisfactory. I decided to build a KriPo vehicle for the period 1936-1939.
  6. Completed italeri 1/32 vinyl figures. Half painted a long time ago, with humrol. They were repainted and finished with vallejo.
  7. Italeri 1/32 French Hussars
  8. Revell American Civil War Union Infantry vinyl figures in 1/32, probably in the toy soldiers category. Painting 20 years ago. Removal of the paint in three selected, two of which were now painted with vallejo. Others will follow, as a pleasant break from other projects.
  9. Gnome Rhone 14N-25 (1080 hp) engine for Bloch MB 151, from spares
  10. As construction continues, the many problems of the kit become apparent (why not have the Dora Wings counterpart, but struggle with the old Heller?). Cowling is completely wrong, not only for the MB 151 but also for the MB 152 offered by the kit. The air intake has a very closed diameter, perhaps because no engine is provided. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn grinding the inside to fit an engine. I had previously cleaned the outside of the flash. I also limited the length of the air intake below the cowling. Finally, I scraped the exhaust grilles with a scalpel.
  11. Along with the MB151, I also started the Maccji MC200 Saetta, with cockpit construction.
  12. Construction and painting of the tiny cockpit (floor, piping, instrument panels, levers, seat belts)
  13. I will start with the construction of Bloch 151 from the kit of Master Box MB 152 (molds of Heller), which also contains Greek decals. It will need some modifications to introduce the MB 151, such as, reconstruction of the air intake, at the bottom of the cowling and the exhaust. The kit is vintage and does not have much detail. The engine, cockpit and instrument panel are missing, there is only the inaccurate seat and an unacceptable pilot. I will build rudimentary cockpits and nests of the landing system while I will also scrib the details on the fuselage and the wings.
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