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  1. Oh, I didn't think of that (have power tool, must use syndrome). I'll jam one end into the desk vice and turn it with my good old hand drill. you're right, so simples! Steve
  2. Hi guys, thank you so much for all the advice! I spotted reels of waxed cotton which would avoid the fuzzing, but probably won't take paint. I tried the twisted wire trick - I did that with my micro Dremel but its speed control isn't activated until it's already on so it ran out of control before I could stop it! The cable does look spot on though, just got to remember to press stop... It's actually to go on the cable reel underneath the Tamiya FAMO - they do supply a reel of white but the stuff in the Amusing Hobby kit is somehow more realistic and stiffer. If I can get a long e
  3. Hi, I know I've seen this somewhere but I cannot recall where. I have just built the amusing hobby strabokran and the kit uses a thread as a realistic cable. But I cannot work out what it is made from. I have tried using cotton before but it goes fuzzy when painted over. So I'm wondering if anyone has any hints from experience? Using brass wire makes it too thick, so it must be a cord, but the on supplied is also quite chunky (although obviously flexible) and probably a synthetic fabric. Tamiya also uses cord so I'm guessing it's the same stuff. If I could figure it out I'd buy a roll of it!
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