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  1. I've posted a couple of other threads with recent builds but thought I'd add this as it has links to 360º object movies. If you click and drag over the image (once it's loaded) you can rotate it… Ma.K Friedrich Ma.K Großerhund Ma.K Whiteknight Prototype
  2. Here are a few pics of my latest Ma.k build a Friedrich suit by Wave. Sticking to my theme of well used, abused and modified machines, rather than factory fresh showroom queens. ---
  3. One thing I think is important - if you're judging them critically - is the scale of weathering and damage/chipping. For example a Sazabi is around 25m in height so a scratch, a hand with in size would actually be tiny on the model, but pretty big on a 1:35 tank. Michael Rinaldi has a book on that kit with some interesting thoughts and techniques on the subject and seeing a kit weathered to scale does look significantly different - I think.
  4. This is my second build and second entry into the Paint On Plastic 2021 Ma.K comp. #paintonplasticmakcomp2021 - A vignette of a "used mech" lot. I added some additional pipework and clamps and also some additional flexible tubes on the legs at the back. The internals are also completely painted and weathered - not that anyone but me will ever know. There's no rust in space (or so I'm reliably told), so the weathering is based on the metal being primed with a yellow chromate paint and then sprayed the final white colour. Damage and weathering therefore just show grime,
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to attempt to create the effect I have in mind with a can of expanding builder's foam. Not had a chance to try it yet, but think that with some experimentation I can get it to mimic both plume and blast. This is the effect I'm hoping to emulate… Just superb.
  6. Could anyone recommend the best quality A-10 kit? Probably 1/48, but might consider 1/32… I’d like something which has photoetch and resin upgrade options.
  7. I'm wanting to create a small explosion for a small vignette piece. Probably something like an SPG hit into concrete. So rubble flying out at speed Does anyone have any technique suggestions or links to a step-by-step for something similar? I'd like to avoid clouds of cotton wool though…
  8. plingboot


    Please delete this if it's not appropriate - I was going to post in the correct wanted section, but need 100 topic posts to do so…
  9. Just wondering is anyone has ideas for/links to examples of - good ways to show off models with detailed interiors? I've just taken delivery of a RFM Tiger 1 with interior which comes with alternate clear parts for for some of the areas. I envisage the final vehicle being on a cube display plinth as a vignette (with some simple terrain) rather than a full diorama - a bit like my Ma.K build. So NOT a sterile "tank on a slate" thing. I am however not sure how I'm going to execute the viewing of the interior. I don't simply want to use the clear parts - as the tank will be w
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I've ordered some Aber hinges from Hannants - if they don't work I'll try scratch built ones.
  11. Hi All, Just wondered whether there's such a thing a working photo etch hinges? I have a couple of RFM Sherman tank kits (with interiors) to build and having looked at the instructions it appears that the engine covers can fixed either open or closed, but it doesn't look like it's a moving joint. I'd quite like to be able to modify them - as close to accurate as possible with working hinges. I'll not be starting the build for three or four weeks, so have time to get bits ordered in - if such a thing exists. Pic below is a grab from the the instructions site sh
  12. Thanks for the positive comments. More to come very soon.
  13. This is my first attempt at kit building… For some unknown reason, when everyone else was out hoarding bogroll in March last year I decided to start hoarding Ma.K kits. I've no idea why it began, other than an awareness and appreciation of the 'property' for a good 20 years. Anyway Lincoln Wright at Paint On Plasic announced his 2021 Ma.K build comp and it immediately inspired me to raid the stash and build. I'm actually quite pleased with the result, given I've been learning techniques on the job. There's a pictorial history of the build on my instagram page. The only downside is
  14. Thanks for the replies- very helpful
  15. Hi, my first post on this forum… I'm building a couple of 1:35 Tamiya M113's and wonder whether anyone can point me in the direction of some better quality (ie more realistic) tracks? I'm not worries about them working, I just want something less toy like. Thanks…
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