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  1. Nice texture on the turret, is that moulded in the kit or added? Its a nice job, I get interested in captured tanks too, I have a German kv-2 in the stash.
  2. Hello, Nice job, I like the weathering especially over the markings. Cheers
  3. Thanks Adrian, and you are right, rubber band tracks rarely look better than link and length.
  4. Thanks @Muchmirth for the kind comments, the paint scheme I found through google searches and it is a variant on the winter whitewash camo and I thought it was cool. The tank itself is pretty much done, I've added a wash to the MG that I somehow forgot but that's about it for my plans. The base I actually bought for the Pz III group build but I decided building bases was a whole modelling discipline of its own that I wasn't quite ready to get into. Its actually a resin base from Modelltrans that I've only base coated so far and its actually a North African ww2 base and not Kursk or
  5. I have this built and waited to get painted, nice job.
  6. Hello Ok pretty much done for now. One muddy BT-2 in winter camo, the thaw must've started, as there are no visible markings, unknown unit. And some shots on my still unfinished base, not Kursk this time Will leave it for a bit before declaring it done. It is a nice little kit. and the tracks I guess aren't too bad.
  7. Think I might try this laptop screen background for my group build efforts. Nice work, I have this kit in the stash in 1/72 of course and it does feel like it's about as close to 1/35 as I will get.
  8. For post war Soviet green I've used model air gunship green 71.014
  9. any t-54/55 vehicle should look good, but very nice job, blue and rust looks great.
  10. The headlight brush guards had been somewhat smooshed, I was hoping a bit of super thin would sort them out but I decided to scratch build some new ones from 0.4mm copper wire that I have on hand for exactly this type of situation. Not sure how much an inch of copper wire does to the budget . It looks a little skewwhiff up close, but good enough.
  11. Hello Lower hull and running gear is now complete and basecoated. All I can say is wow what a difference these link and length tracks are from the ones on the BT-2 which is my other entry in this group build. The tracks went together very easily, my only complaint would be that they don't give you any spare links, so dont break any taking them off the sprue. The lower hull is painted in Vallejo MA Sand Yellow as this will be an Iraqi tank. The upper hull has most of the detail moulded on apart from the glacis plate and its attachments, most of the work is ac
  12. Hi everyone. This is my entry for the Panzer 3 group build. A Pz.Kpfw III Ausf. M w/Schurzen in 1/72 from Dragon Built OOB with an RB models gun barrel. I tried quite a few new things for the weathering, so possibly a bit over the top, however some good experience. Build thread is here.
  13. Hello Got the tracks on, link and length tracks can be a bit fiddly but these were without a doubt the worst I've dealt with in my relatively short modelling career. They almost came in for a smashing. I suspect I shoulve done the enamel wash after id put them on and the tamiya super thin may have worked a bit faster, anyway they still need touched up.
  14. Decided to put the wheels on probably couldve left it until last. The model has had a gloss coat and now an enamel wash. I'm thinking the chipping would work better on a larger model. Less might be more at this scale. Still have the tracks and the exhaust to do and then some weathering.
  15. The instructions actually have the 8 spoke wheels greyed out, I went for the 6 spoke wheels for the reasons you mentioned, the instructions dont even suggest them being optional. The 8 spokers will go in the bits box.
  16. Love it, a great idea for a display. Reminds me of driving my Fiesta on the back roads and getting some air.
  17. How many of these will get built? From Lidl of course, I'm kinda tempted if only to get one of the two plane kits out of my otherwise armour stash (the other is an Airfix Spitfire from Lidl). Maybe I'll just use the paints included.
  18. This particular group build seems perfect to bang out a few models that I got cheap to expand my own personal tank museum. Also for AFVs that aren't part of my current obsessions, those being British WW2 armour and the T-54/55/62 family. I actually picked up this kit for the gulf war anniversary build because it has an Iraqi decal option, but I left that too late. However at 5 quid it fits nicely in here and I still plan to go the Iraqi route. I know, I'm not finished the BT-2 however its really just painting now and I need a building fix while waiting for paint to dry
  19. Winter camouflage seems fairly common on BT tanks I've seen online, (well models and camo schemes). I got some chipping vallejo medium and wanted to give it a go as well. I sprayed the masked tank with a coating of chipping medium, and then gave it a coat of white plus some aged white. I then freehanded the cross hatching on the Green stripes after removing the blutac. I have been working on the tank with some water, a clean brush and a cocktail stick to get the chipping. Once I'm happy with the chipping it will get a clear coat and then weatheri
  20. You got it, just very dirtied up. Well that's the plan.
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