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  1. The mole is available in 1/72. Although not quite what I had in mind. The first of war stuff is interesting. Actually the meng wandering earth stuff looks interesting if I can find it at a reasonable price.
  2. Ok I'll check them out, when I said 1/72 I was thinking more about display space so 100 or 144 may well be fine.
  3. A fantastic 'lived in look to this one, Great job.
  4. Tow cables now on and ready for painting. Family photo with the still unfinished older brother the Tiran 4. Cheers
  5. Hi Folks Anyone know any nice Scifi Tank or Ground Vehicle kits in a smaller scale, so 1/72 or about. Tracked or wheeled preferably. Here is a decent example https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265125520407?hash=item3dbab66417:g:BYIAAOSwGulgeaSX Various models of Landrams from Battlestar Galactica. Cheers
  6. Nice, I have the theme music going in my head now.
  7. Hi, yes I never made it clear that I was aware that it was the same unit. I believe that all other Kuwaiti centurions were captured by Iraq. Do you know if they got the 'Martyrs' label after this battle or was that always the 35th's name? What you are saying about the markings makes sense to me so hopefully dropping the chevron is enough. Cheers
  8. Hello I started this post to proclaim I'd finished the main build only to realise I havent added the tow cables yet. There is nothing like putting a few pics online to spot flaws. Other than that I think everything else is done except filling those two storage bins with interesting stuff, I have a few bits and bobs coming from ebay. Since last I modified the Revell headlights which you cant really see now and created the IDF headlight guard and cover out of the heavily modified Revell part and some plasticard. I redid the linkage between the barrel and the IR searchlight which didnt look right. I glued a small square of plasticard under the front of the turret which offsets the forward tilt due to the weight of the gun. A couple of hairs from my washing up brush as antenna again. But the biggest part was the 3 Brownings, the .50 cal came from the accessory set below which I'd originally dismissed as being too modern, although the ammo box was from the ace kit. The two .30 cals I found in my aftermarket stash, they are resin from an ebay shop called scalefiend, they actually have very good detail. The machine gun mounts were a combination of the ace kit parts and scratch built. I think I will paint it before adding the bin stowage cheers and thanks for looking.
  9. Hi Folks I have a plan to build a Kuwaiti Chieftain Mk 5 as it would have looked at the Battle of the Bridges, during the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Which was possibly Chieftain's finest hour as a scratch force of 37 Chieftains held up two Iraqi divisions before having to withdraw from a lack of ammo. I see takom have a a profile and decals for a Kuwaiti 'Martyrs Brigade' Chieftain during desert storm. Does anyone know if these colours and markings would have been appropriate for a Chieftain at the time of the Iraqi Invasion? I felt the markings in the takom kit were probably coalition based. I havent been able to find much online for this. Cheers
  10. Hello T-54B is looking good, I see you have gone for no mudguards at all. Are you basing it on a specific photo? Cant wait to see it with some paint. Cheers
  11. Yeah I get the feeling someone made a typo in the listing price. I was able to see the photoetch pics online but thanks for the offer. I don't have a plan for this kit yet, Id love to build a guntruck based on the Hemtt at some point. In fact that might be what happens to the M35 I think that is the rumour that Italeri or whoever they bought the T-55 molds from were planning, lets hope so. Thanks for the tips on the magach one for the future. I need to do more research on Croatian T-55s but I was wondering if I could use the italeri kit as a base for it as I haven't attempted a build with it yet. And there is still that enigma to finish.
  12. Thats a very nice Tiger. It looks great. If you hadn't put the scale in the title I wouldn't have guessed it was 1/16, it looks like a smaller scale.
  13. Primaris or firstborn? I have to say but the introduction of Primaris put me off the hobby and are indirectly responsible for me getting into scale modelling. I got into 40k a few years back after a gap of about 20 years, within a few years I built up a marine collection my teenage self could only dream of, then Primaris happened. I disliked the lore being used to justify a whole new range of models which would make your older ones look crap, now if they had just started making the normal marines bigger it would have been better. The shift to monopose sculpts also annoyed me. Anyway with lockdown I was feeling the urge to do something with my hands again and refound scale modelling, no one is ever going to retcon my tank collection out of history and no one owns the IP for history either. Anyway rant over . Although I am quite tempted to paint a few marines with my airbrush that I never had in the space marine days.
  14. Yeah chances of getting shot in an Edinburgh nightclub for dancing badly were slim.
  15. Haha, well it gave me flashbacks of dancing on a strobe and dry ice filled dancefloor and getting disoriented 30 years ago just reading about it. I never realised it used filters too.
  16. Not much new to post yet. My Tiran 5 does have fire extinguishers now courtesy of the Italeri T-55 kit. Today is payday. So I ended up ordering one of the academy 2 & 1/2 6x6 truck kits from kingkit however around 6 other kits sneaked in there including the more modern 2 & 1/2 truck and the HEMTT from Academy, some IBG British armour and a surprise bargain of the Dragon Tarawa M4A2 Sherman for £9.50 (this must've been a pricing error but they seem to have honoured it). I cracked open my Italeri Magach 6 (A Tiranised M60? ) which has the same machine gun loadout as I am planning for the Tiran 5 all I will say is that kit has some serious failings, it has the same wheel issues as the Esci T-62, the jacketed barrel on the box art is not actually included in the kit even though there is a choice of two barrels. But as for the machine guns the .30 cals are fairly basic and barely recognisable as such and have no ammo boxes despite the ammo boxes being present on the box art. so the Magach kit didnt get raided for its brownings after all. I do still have a plan to build a Magach out of it and a Revell M60 kit. So I'll wait and see what the brownings in the academy deuce and a half kit are like. On the T-54/55 front I may take a break after the Tirans and build something else, however after looking at the miniart Croatian T-55A kit instructions on scalemates I went and bought Star Decals 1/72 Cro-Army T-55 decals set, the Croatians had some cool camo's and who doesn't want a coat of arms on a tank?
  17. Thanks, it does remind me of putting together space marines from a bunch of different boxes to get the look, pose or loadout I wanted. Ah I see them now, part number 3 and there are 4 of them, well spotted, thanks. This is a kit I don't have...yet, thanks for the tip. I was thinking a piece of shim under the turret front, or use the weight idea and hide it in the turret basket for a bit more leverage. I haven't talked about storage yet and it might look a bit sparse to leave the turret basket empty anyway. Cheers and thanks for the advice.
  18. Hello peeps. I managed to get some more time on the Tiran 5 this week and I'm pleased with progress so far. The OMSh tracks from the Ammo kit are now on, this didnt go too badly and I think it may have been a single link less than fitting them to the Ammo T-54, I did not use the Ammo jig. The ammo kit has a ton of spare links which I used on the turret etc. The top hull is now attached, Im still working on the headlights and guard and trying to replicate the changes the IDF made. I made a bit of a mess filling the holes for the headlight guard, to be cleaned up. Tow cables still to come. I'm quite pleased with the turret so far, I went with the mantlet from the PST kit. I'm largely basing the build on the Tamiya Tiran 5 instructions which has the commanders hatch reversed, removing the Trumpeter's command hatch and putting it back on in reverse was a bit tricky and Im surprised it worked as well as it did, I did have the hatch from the PST kit to use as a spare. All the white turret furniture parts are from the ACE Tiran sprue, which needed major clean up and some adjustment to fit properly. That's the Zedval barrel, I wanted it to be sitting almost flat, however the play in the turret ring and the weight of the barrel drag the front down, although I have a few ideas on how to fix this. The green jerry cans are of course from the Italeri T-55 kit (I got a few of these kits when they were 10 quid at Jadlam) Scratch built copper wiring and micro strip detailing. Now for the turret, I am thinking about improving the two antennas, will it be washing up brush hairs or something else.... But the main question is how many browning machine guns will it get and how to mount them, and where will they come from. I still fancy having the coax .50 cal and two .30 cals, one for the loader and one for the commander, the ones from the ACE Tiran sprue dont look too sharp, but it does have mounts which maybe useable. I do have some resin ones, or maybe another kit. I am missing fire extinguishers, anyone know a good source? Cheers and thanks for looking in.
  19. I did some test fitting with the Ammo mantlet and it is quite a bit wider than the space in the trumpeter turret, could maybe be made to work with some filing.
  20. Nice looking model. I'll join in with a quick rant. I've bought a kit from China that arrived looking like it was used as a seat cushion all the way on the flight, although most arrive a lot better than that. Worst bit of ebay packing was when I bought a couple of classic lead warhammer 40k commissars, they had just been thrown in a paper envelope, there was a chainsword poking out by the time I got it.
  21. Take care man, I work with some guys in their 40s who even double jabbed were wiped out for 2-3 weeks. And even worse you're that ill that you wont be sitting in bed building models on a tray.
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