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  1. You've put a lot of time and effort into this kit and it shows, very nice job and great skills.
  2. ah yes plasmo, that's where I saw it. totally realistic can't wait to see your take.
  3. It wouldn't surprise me if someone did although you might need something bigger than a Toyota pickup. There is some interesting ww2 equipment made it into the Arab/Israeli wars. The Germans themselves during WW2 mounted flak guns on almost any vehicle big enough, halftracks, trucks, panzers etc. I'm sure I saw a flak gun mounted on top of a Maus recently.
  4. Very nice job, subtle weathering too.
  5. Nice job, I have this kit in the stash, its a good source for US machine guns .
  6. Thanks The painkillers were great although they messed with my sleep and I didnt care . Anyway the good stuff is gone now and normal service seems to have been restored .
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, I'm just taking a look for now, no plans for building a whole army, but I know how these things can go. At least I imagine this is way cheaper than Warhammer.
  8. Some great recommendations, and I think I will check out What a tanker at least. A long time ago I decided computer games were the way to go for stuff like this but they miss that personal element where you are playing with units you have built and painted yourself.
  9. Thanks Ian, you gave me enough to go searching. "Wargames Rules for All-arms Land Warfare from Platoon to Battalion Level" is available on amazon although not sure I fancy spending 20 quid on it . I am still wondering what everyone does with their Plastic Soldier Company and armourfast kits, they seem to sell well enough. Some other manufacturers like S-models are often accused of being for wargamers if that's the case what are they playing? S-models has a fairly eclectic range of kits. First to Fight seems to have a games system although maybe not so much in English.
  10. Some very nice models here, that patriot launcher looks cool, I have the tank transporter version, i need to get building
  11. I like the T-54/55 series and have every plastic kit produced, kitbashing does seem to be the way to get an accurate one but turrets are an issue. There is a lot of aftermarket for these too except some of the after market uses the faulty kits as masters . @Old pro what do you think of the ammo T-54B in terms of accuracy?
  12. The Ultra gets the job done but it is fussy although maybe I need an airbrush which is more forgiving of a lack of patience the Iwata seems to be that. Ripping a nozzles thread off is something id like to avoid, which I've done in the past, while deep cleaning, if there is no thread then nothing to rip off.
  13. Hello posting this here as my interest is mainly around the vehicles and not the figures so much. I have a background in wargaming but mainly games workshop and their 40k setting and its various games. When I got into scale modelling more recently I did become aware that many use the models for historical war gaming especially in the smaller scales, however whenever I've searched online for 1/72 or 20mm war gaming I dont find very much. So my question is does anyone on here game in 1/72 or 20mm scale? And if you do what rules systems do you use? I am aware that most systems are centred on ww2 but is there any flexible systems that would also allow say cold war or modern. Ideally id envisage some online resource with the main game rules and then unit stats for pretty much every AFV ever produced. If this sounds a lot like a table top version of world of tanks or war thunder then I guess that is exactly what I am looking for and wondering if it exists. Cheers Calum
  14. I got my HP-CS about a week ago and have been learning to love it so far. To be fair I am comparing it to a H&S ultra and a couple of fengda airbrushes and not an Infinity. The ultra came with a .2mm needle which is a bit challenging to work with Model Air paints in their unthinned form. I found this a bit weird as I actually got the Ultra as part of a starter set with a load of Model Air paints, model air are supposedly formulated to work straight out of the bottle. In the end I got a .4mm needle and nozzle for the Ultra but still found myself preferring to work with the fengda, but this was not for detail work, just chucking paint. Tip drying is a big problem although I've learned to mitigate it using a small amount of retarder. Anyway the HP-CS doesn't seem to have the same issues with tip drying so far, and I felt a bit more confident with it to try some freehand camo schemes. Much less splatter too. The trigger is way better than any of the fengdas and also the ultra. While initially I frowned upon the inbuilt cup however the way it is designed on the HP-CS makes cleaning a breeze. My fengda has been relegated to undercoating and clear coating for which it works great. For everything else I can see me using the HP-CS, where it just works no matter what paint I put in it so far. The Ultra is likely to get dusty now on the bench although I did get a pinch tip for it. Ive also ordered some Tamiya paints, lets see what the fuss is about, although I have a good load of Vallejo model Air paints, so they won't be going away any time soon.
  15. For small scale armour I'd recommend watching Plasmo although for larger scale stuff Nightshift is probably the master. There is a ton of stuff on youtube although not always easy to find when the algo keeps trying to show you frowning cats or whatever .
  16. I believe it happens with others tanks too although I don't know which. Id check small details that aren't common in their other 1/72 kits.
  17. The glaring problem on the t-62 by trumpeter is the lack of turret overhang and instead they have just moulded a solid piece of plastic straight down to the fenders. as far as I know the rest of the model is ok. what I find really annoying is that trumpeter show the 1/35 version on the box for their 1/72 T-62 kits so they are aware of it and I'd argue that is false advertising.
  18. Don't get me started on the trumpeter T-62, very disappointing.
  19. Smaller scale? Is that 1/72? I think it can be a bit more forgiving than 1/35 if you choose to assemble the model entirely before painting. Most youtubers I see who work in 1/72 seem to do full assembly first. I mainly model in 1/72 and tend to work in sub assemblies but it depends on the kit, look at the instructions and try and work out a sequence and it probably won't be the same sequence as suggested by the instructions. Turret generally always stays off until the end. Most kits you can assemble the Hull fully and leave off the wheels and tracks for separate painting. However any tank with side skirts is likely to mess that plan up. In 1/72 it is worth considering the impact painting parts is going to have if you are going to glue them together later. Link and length tracks can be a bit tricky to paint and the glue together. Rubber band tracks will often lose a lot of paint when trying to fit them. Either way you may end up doing touch up work. Camo schemes are something else, I might just base coat the model in sub assemblies and do the camo when fully assembled, you may end up having to mask areas like the running gear later to achieve this. Also using a dark undercoat colour can hide mistakes later when your base coat doesn't go into every nook and cranny.
  20. Hello I've gone through an uncharacteristic productive patch, evidenced by the IJA project in the previous post, however like a neurotic cat chasing squirrels I've been all over the place. The last few days I've been recovering from keyhole surgery on my left knee, this is a first for me so its also the first time I have been on the kind of painkillers that you can only get on prescription. These are also the kind of painkillers that have killed my interest in most recreational activities with the exception of painting for some reason. So with time on my hands stuff has gotten done. The Caunter Project Ive been meaning tor try painting a Caunter scheme in 1/72 for a while now and was eying the shelf of doom for suitable guinea pigs. I found two. First up is an S-models Matilda, I suspect the exact model is maybe a bit late for Caunter. This is quite far into the process and that is a Matt clear coat drying on it, decals are from various sources. A Mirage M3, I suspect this might be actually too early a model for caunter, it still has the sponson machine guns and no side skirts and was one of the first batch sent to the British by the Americans. Above is it after all the layers of masking. And the masks come off. Ive just spotted an error in my masking for the pattern origin point on the rear deck, it should be fixable some other clean up required too. I recently got a new airbrush and the painkillers seem to have made me brave enough to try free handing some basic camo. It is an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS, I have to say using it is a much better experience than my now spare airbrush. Anyway to test I used it on the following Italeri SdKfz 231 6 Rad. This is a very early war German Camo, Dunklebraun over Dunklegrau which according to some sources was standard but because the dark brown shows pretty much the same as dark grey on black and white pics it doesnt quite get the 'fame' it should. It was nice to build something with wheels instead of tracks for a change, still plenty to do. thanks for looking. Calum
  21. Interesting, I have been wanting to build a T-26 in 1/72 but there are so many kits and variants , have been wondering which are best. Hobby Boss is 1/35 though right?
  22. Miniart do some fantastic T-54/55 series tanks in 1/35 many with full interiors, Takom also do a few.
  23. Thanks Pete Its an interesting tank, I'm quite fond of a lot of the interwar stuff before they worked out multi turret tanks and riveted armour weren't a great idea. Although the UK would continue to rivet some designs as other industries such as ship building took priority for welders and casting.
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