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  1. Hi everyone this question has probably been posted 100's of times but I'm really interested in anyone who strictly uses tamiya paints and mixes there own to achieve the correct colour. It has been along time since I built a warship I would say over 20 years and back then I always just paint what colours were printed on the instuctions. I am currently building the USS Independence LCS.
  2. thanks for that, i assumed a paint maker would work just wanted to know if anyone had done it before, i built this model many moons ago and used a paint brush, just thought this day and age there must be an easier way.
  3. Hello I have just purchased the Tamiya 1:350 enterprise and was wondering how to paint the tie down pads all over the deck or do you have to paint them at all? i built the kit 20 years ago and paint the dots with a paint brush but now thinking a white paint marker might do the job.
  4. Hi Uwe. I also live in Germany. lower Bavaria but my German is terrible I am an Australian and have recently joined the forum. so much good Information here
  5. thanks for the information. I read the link thanks for that. after reading the do's and don't I'm more incline to steer away from the 2k can you recommend a good 1k clearcoat? i used one years age and it got a yellow tint to it after awhile I can't remember the name I could probably dig it up. I mostly do military models.
  6. but zero paints are a hobbyist paint supplier and there base coats require there 2 part clearcoat to bring out the gloss finish. I have used there 2 part clearcoat a couple of times and I have used 2 part paints before, I shouldn't have said, I don't know much about 2 part parts should have said don't know enough about the chemical composition of the paint to know if another brand of hardener will react with zero paint clearcoat.
  7. Hi I have some old zero paints 2k clearcoat and have no hardener, I just wanted to know if the new 2k diamond coat hardener can be used? is it the same hardener just relabeled? and also are all hardener's the same can you mix brands obviously I don't know much about 2 part paints, thanks
  8. I have never tried dry brushing, but after watching a clip on you tube about it I'm going to give it a go. thanks for the advise.
  9. thanks for the welcome. i have a hand in everything but mostly AFV,s although I'm currently working on a revell p-61 it's a really old kit with lots of seem lines and flashing, alot of work to do. tried to detail cockpit but instrument panel is not raised enough so pin wash doesn't get into the nooks and crannies. so just going to put this one down to a technique improving exercise.
  10. Hi there. I am an Australian living in Germany and have rekindled my childhood love of modelling, I'm about to start the tamiya mercedes 300 gullwing. I'm going to paint it with zero paints Mercedes silver. I have zero paints 2k clearcoat but the hardener has gone rock hard can I use the hardener from the 2k diamond coat? is there any difference in the hardener or is it just relabeled? I can't seem to purchase the old 2k hardener.
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