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  1. @KayFranz Thanks for your reply. So the image of the paint can you posted - do you think this is the actual paint the Ciervas were painted in? And if so where did you get that information? I'm returning to modelling (been absent since my childhood) so I've never considered having any decal printed. To be honest, I didn't know it was possible. And there's the minor detail that I don't know what the tiny text says... I would love to reproduce it though, if it was possible.
  2. What do you make of this as evidence in favour of a dark navy blue? This is a toy made by "Britains" (set 1392) in 1935 so it's contemporary with the original aircraft. I think a darker blue fits better with the darker aircraft in the images I originally posted. I wonder if the aircraft was lightened in the book colour to make the colouring of the image easier. Simon
  3. Hi Dave, Thanks for the photo, I think replicating those warnings might be beyond my modelling skills though! I do agree that someone, somewhere must have a colour photo though. Colour photography wasn't so uncommon in the 1950s and the fact it was displayed at airshows must mean someone took a colour snap at some point. I'll just keep hoping something turns up. You're absolutely right about how imposing the C.30 is too. You have to climb up high to get in and the nose is up in the air - manoeuvring it on the ground must have been difficult. It's nothing like the ti
  4. Thanks Pete. I will buy a kit and some ResKit wheels then. If we’re thinking G-ACUU was navy blue in 1950, do you have any thoughts on the best colour match? I have Vallejo Model Air 90 Blue Angel Blue. Is there anything to suggest what colour the cheat lines and lettering would be? They must be a light colour. Perhaps white even. Is there a good guide to airbrushing cheat lines anywhere, I’ve not done them before. Is there a source of 1/35 lettering for the “G-ACUU”? The colour photos of G-ACUU with a silver body and red/blue undercarri
  5. Hi Everyone, For the last few years, I’ve been researching my grandfather’s Cierva C.30a autogiro and I would really like your help to model it accurately. During the time it took to set up my Britmodeller account, I’ve enjoyed reading the forum archives and it seems that @petetasker is a bit of a C.30/Rota expert – so it would be great to get your thoughts. I am full of admiration for @pierre Giustiniani's model of G-ACUU as HM580 – it was fantastic to see. And another incredible find was @Fastcat's story of sneaking into Elmdon hangar to see G-ACUU in the 60s. Wonderf
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