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  1. Lovely, neat build, waiting to see the others soon:) I have lots of memories of hearing the concorde roar over west London/ Chiswick and running to the window to see it glide towards Heathrow.
  2. Thank you very much for your input and suggestions.
  3. I am also eager to know if this is available as i was thinking of constructing a KLM737-700/800 in the current livery. Also, does the Revell Aqua 50 match the Revell 50 enamel? Would appreciate some guidance on this.
  4. Must be heart wrenching to see this.. grrr- but otherwise looks great. I Flew on a IL-86 London Heathrow to Moscow in 1988/89.
  5. Lovely build and great colours indeed- thanks for sharing
  6. Fantastic job! A380 may not be the most attractive airliner to look at but have enjoyed flying on it's upper and lower decks on various airlines.
  7. great build! A350 to me looks elegant and smart.. even better to fly in.. so quiet.
  8. fantastic work.. ! I had warped plastic on my Revell A350- had to bend it into shape by gently heating it to soften the resin. (pics in the thread below) https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235086456-revell-1144-a350-900-lufthansa-new-livery/&tab=comments#comment-3949254
  9. Wow .. fantastic.. this brings back memories! I made this Airfix Lufthansa kit in the early 1980s.
  10. I ordered a decal set last October. I was not sure how long it would take to arrive, so I sent an email to nickwebb@mac.com. He replied after a couple of days with an update on the delivery. The decals arrived a couple of days later.
  11. This VC-10 looks fantastic. I remember the VC-10 flying over my house in Karachi, Pakistan when BA used to serve KHI.
  12. Thank you for your kind comments. No adventurous enough to start changing the models!.. I used the classic A320 model (Air Berlin livery, they also have the same engine type CFM 56 engines). You are correct regarding dry fitting before glueing.. at times I was afraid of over-sanding as well. I did that for attaching the wings and horizontal stabilisers which did not have a good fit. Had to sand quite a bit off for the belly to fit almost seamlessly followed by applying putty and more sanding. I have found glueing parts after painting tricky if the glue runs onto the pain. But as you say, all these experiences will hopefully help me improve!
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