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  1. Wonderful build.. thanks for sharing:)
  2. Lovely, neat build, waiting to see the others soon:) I have lots of memories of hearing the concorde roar over west London/ Chiswick and running to the window to see it glide towards Heathrow.
  3. Thank you very much for your input and suggestions.
  4. I am also eager to know if this is available as i was thinking of constructing a KLM737-700/800 in the current livery. Also, does the Revell Aqua 50 match the Revell 50 enamel? Would appreciate some guidance on this.
  5. Must be heart wrenching to see this.. grrr- but otherwise looks great. I Flew on a IL-86 London Heathrow to Moscow in 1988/89.
  6. Lovely build and great colours indeed- thanks for sharing
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