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  1. Hi AltcarBoB Trying to patronize a family owned local hobby shop, they had AKI Acrylic Thinner (lot of stuff in supply chain is out of stock) Will what I bought work okay with most Acrylics? I'm somewhat familiar with W&N art supplies as I painted acrylics on canvas back in the day... I also grabbed the AKI WW2 IJN Real Colors paint set (on sale). My A6M2 is the 2007 Tamiya Boxing. I realize that the colour issue about Zero's is quite a brew up, so for now I will work to do an excellent job with the set colours. It's a training kit anyway. I don't expect to produce a keep
  2. Hi there. Want to get started on a kit with time on my hands. Likely buy a 1/48th Tamiya A6M2 Kit. Gonna be painting with brushes and planned on Vallejo paint, rather than Tamiya which i understand dries too fast while hand brushing...? Was hoping to get equivalents but there doesn't seem to be for these Tamiya paints: XF-24 – Dark Grey XF-56 – Metallic Grey XF-66 – Light Grey (Vellejo 70990?) XF-70 – Dark Green Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Jeff
  3. Hello. I'm about to start building a few model air plane kits and having not done so in decades I've been getting up to speed on whats materials are available now. Initially for some practical reasons I'm gonna brush paint. Three products I have settled on: Mr Super Clear Flat Matt Spray B514 Mr Super Clear Gloss Spray B513 AK Interactive Acrylic GLOSSY VARNISH AKI 777 are out of stock at present. I'm looking at substitutes that are available from a local family owned Hobby shop I like (in Toronto, Canada btw). Vallejo Acrylic Matt Var
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