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  1. The Zvezda models Bf-109F 1/48 were created on the basis of original german factory drawings, the direct developer was a well-known (in circles) aerospace engineer (he was the one of developers of the Airbus A-380), the consultant was a very well-known major expert in russia on the topic. There are only two problems, incorrect wingtips and an air intake, for which there was no factory data and therefore they were made by eye. 1/72 F is just downscale of 1/48. At the same time, Zvezda G 1/48 are made by completely different people without the same level of expertise, the Zvezda has trite
  2. Thank you for calling In my collection, the materials are mostly of a technical nature, i.e I have practically no pictures from the regiments, most from factory tests and the Air Force Research Institute. Su-2 in standard camouflage looks like this. I must warn about these photos, as well as many others. The contours that can be seen along the boundaries of color separation are nothing more than the imposition of one paint on another, nothing more, this overlay is often mistakenly considered as the third color. In poorly readable photos, this overlay is sometimes very noticeab
  3. Well, buying a special camera for panoramic shooting if there is no purpose to make these panoramas in dozens there is no practical sense. This case can be done with any ordinary camera or phone with a fisheye lens. Fisheye is a lens with a field of view of 110-180 degrees. Therefore, to make a full panorama, even 4 photos are enough, in the finished image there will be only a small hole above and below, which in most cases is usually simply covered up in image editor. The camera is placed on a micro tripod and 4-8 shots are taken at 360 degrees so that the edges of the frames overlap wit
  4. I cannot answer in detail, because I saw the model only in the box and for a short time. But my wife did not allow me to buy a model for myself She said something like that a person like me is not worthy to have such a model. By the way, she herself twice participated in the development of the IL-4 for two different flight simulators. In general, yes, we are not quite normal here on this basis, he he. This model, as far as could be judged, was made according to the drawings of the soviet magazine Modelist-Konstruktor, authorship of Ivan Rodionov. Therefore, the model inherited th
  5. Massimo don't drive horses, at least the first set should be released.
  6. Yes, it is Mars Models 1/72 injection molded plastic. I am the historical consultant for this project. The kit is designed using original factory documentation. And we have factory blueprints for the swept wing
  7. DB-3F never had a swept-wing. Only two types of swept-wing aircraft are documented. The prototype Il-4 is in a single copy, the wing is plywood. And serial IL-4 of 44-45 years of release, but they have a metal wing. It is such an aircraft that has survived to this day and is exhibited in Moscow on Poklonnaya Hill. The existence of serial IL-4 with a swept wooden wing is currently in question. The drawing above is complete nonsense, it cannot be used. The prototype has a completely different wing from the serial, it has a different wingtip, a different aileron and f
  8. There is another book Medved-Khazanov about mig-3 with the same profiles (and some in my opinion are more correct), but the author of color plates is not Andrei Yurgenson but Mikhail Bykov, you can personally ask him what you need. Here is his facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100054221403573 This picture?
  9. In the Second World War, Soviet aviation did not use yellow RIE (rapid identification elements), because yellow RIE's were used by the Luftwaffe. The only exception, yellow was used as squadron markings in aircraft numbers (red, blue, yellow). If we take the last picture, then the plane also has an absurd type of camouflage.
  10. Hi, Mike. Well, I have never met the manuals for drop tanks. I rummaged in my shelves and here's what I found out about this photo. This picture is taken from the Act On Control Tests of the LAGG-3 M-105 PA aircraft with the VISH-61P propeller, 23rd series No. 312123-2, manufactured at the plant No. 21. The document is dated May 1942. In the photo, the aircraft is in the form of an attack aircraft ( assault or sturmovik, as it is said in the document). The capacity of the drop tanks is 100L each. Instead of tanks, can be hung two 100kg bombs.
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