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  1. Sorry, but I'm not the person to give the Competency Ratings. Find someone who acts on your level of understanding, this is a public place and there is no point in demanding something personally for yourself.
  2. In my case, this means that the differences are very noticeable in a simple comparison. For a specialist, this can be seen in the image that I attached, if you do not understand this, I have nothing to do with it.
  3. Very beautiful work! One note, there should be only 4 bombs. If someone else wants to make soviet Boston B, but does not know what to choose, there is also such a night fighter with a Gneis-2 radar Тhe placement of antennas is the same as for Boston C
  4. No one will answer you why there is such a structure, no one has seen drawings for single seaters, it is not even known whether it survived
  5. Here is a later single seater from Kulong, which in Novosibirsk is now being restored to flight condition
  6. Hi, I have seen your project on fairey iiif, could you sell a 3d model and for how much?


    I need to make a model of this plane for a simulator, but I am experiencing difficulties with the timing and references, so I am considering purchasing the finished work for use as a reference.

    Regards, Dmitry

  7. I need books, manuals, drawings for this type of aircraft, please help, where can i find this?
  8. Yes, I didn't write about armor. Basically, this decision is associated with the need to put transparent armor. If you make an armored front of the original form, it will be more difficult to make, more expensive and heavier, the economy always matters.
  9. The principles of aviation science are the same for everyone, I'll write about the Soviet ones. Curved surfaces of the cockpit glass create the least aerodynamic drag, but also create the strong optical distortions that interfere with accurate observation. Therefore, flat glass surfaces were used in cockpits where it was required to install gunsights and bomb sights, this is visible on all military aircraft in the pre-digital era. Even on the SEPECAT Jaguar a glass panel in front of the sight flat, because Jaguar was created by people who had real experience of war and who knew that even the failure of the sighting station was not a reason for not completing a combat mission. When the cockpit canopy has no optical distortion, an experienced shooter can hit the target using only his eyes and improvised means, the old school knew this very well.
  10. 301 is a Pe-3 bis The differences between the Pe-3 and the Pe-2 top turrets discussed here https://www.facebook.com/DLinevich/posts/1928752467291429 And more Pe-3 https://www.facebook.com/DLinevich/posts/1947573518742657 https://www.facebook.com/groups/polkivvs/posts/1016337305848167/
  11. Only hardcore :D https://app.aircorpslibrary.com/aircraft/b-17
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