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  1. Thanks for the comments and I'm glad the chipping has some fans as well as me, might be something that I use on a few more models. Some of the models are going to be nice and clean though, such as special tails or display colours as I feel that they look amazing straight out of the spray shop. The under fuselage-wing join on this one was rather shocking with quite a large gap that required a decent amount of filler to sort out, it was almost as if the mould had seen heat at some stage and had wrinkled upwards a little bit. Was a bit worried about it but think that it blended in ok. T
  2. Hi all, Just completed my Revell Spitfire and I’ve got to say it was an enjoyable build apart from one awful wing to fuselage join. This is the first model where I’ve tried a chipping technique. My method of choice was to use my standard 01 Humbrol Primer and then to apply a little Humbrol 56 aluminium to the parts that I wanted to appear metal. These were then covered with maskol applied with a scouring pad to help get a random pattern. Once the maskol was dry the upper coats were applied. Once the gloss had been applied I applied the decals, weathered lightly around ex
  3. Hi all, I'm currently completing an Italeri Rafale M at the moment, on the whole I don't think it's a bad kit but certainly seems lacking when it comes to payload options. From looking at photos of the Rafale M, it looks like it was armed with what looks like a triple ERU carrying 2-3 LGBs plus a Damocles pod. Having scoured Hannants I can't find parts that would be suitable to replicate these and I was just wondering if anyone has any links or knows of 3D printed files as I have access to a 3D printer. Thanks in advance, James
  4. Great information and thanks for saving me from impending doom whilst trying to convert my FAA one. RAF Airfix one now on pre-order and going onto the build list
  5. I’m hoping it is just a case of needing to buy armaments/decals to make it into a Gulf War edition as from what I’ve found online the airframe was the same, mainly avionics differences between the S.2B and the S.2C
  6. Loving the build so far and I’m following along if you don’t mind as I got this kit for Christmas however I’m going to build it with a twist. It’s going to complete my RAF lineup of Gulf War aircraft so ordered some extra decals for it
  7. Lovely, lovely Tempest. Love the subtle exhaust marking too. I’ve got a Tempest on my Amazon watch list and I think that’s convinced me to give it a go
  8. Absolutely lovely build and the level of detail is amazing. Top job
  9. Little bit more progress tonight. Concentrated on the underside near the radiator outlets. Did a little bit of black shading there to try and represent a photo I found in reference material. Looking at the reference photo I have maybe feathered it a little too far rearwards. Live and learn. Always remember that fail is just your first attempt in learning. Again all comments are welcome, cheers
  10. Thanks for the colour photos, going to be a huge help. Regards the colours I agree, the website I’ve been using is http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/resource.php?r=camo_rafww2#desertbomb which to me seems to be a nice handy place where everything is contained. I’ll have a crack at repainting the spinners and apart from the exhausts I don’t think I’ll leave it too filthy
  11. 100% agree about the gloss after decals. My normal method is gloss coat before decals and a gloss coat after to settle them. Got to choose whether to overseas the weathering with a gloss or matt varnish, from what I’ve read the common consensus seems to be matt varnish gives the best results. For the finishing coat I’ll be airbrushing it on I think as I find it’s easier to get a more even coverage without pooling at the leading/trailing edge
  12. Thanks it’s good to know I’ve not make a right hash up of it then The rear part of the exhaust cover is an area to get weathered tonight. The reply Troy left has been really helpful to get colour photos so I know what to do with them now. Agreed that I've never seen a filthy Mosquito apart from the nacelles really so other than that I might keep it quite clean
  13. Although I’ve only used it on aircraft models I like Humbrol Gloss Clear varnish. I’ve brushed and sprayed it at about 24 psi through a 0.3mm nozzle and it’s been fine everything, it’s also self levelling so don’t have to be too concerned about level coats
  14. Well I’ve only done the exhaust marks for now so I’m afraid you’ll have to “praise my efforts” on that photo I am going to dig out some more reference material tomorrow to see how the Mosquito weathered certainly in terms of underwing with the radiators and 57mm cannon. Then I’ll get brave and tackle those bits
  15. Thanks for the kind comments and advice. I sealed the paint with a coat of clear gloss before applying the decals and now weathering on top of that clear gloss. Seems to be going ok apart from the powder seems to come off a bit too easily when blending so might need a harder bristle brush to apply it with maybe? To seal it after I’ve got some Matt coat varnish that I didn’t have great results with first time on my Wellington but, always willing to give it another go
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