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  1. I believe the APU bulge is there as a separate piece to the right of the port undercarriage sponson?.
  2. Hi Wal, Afraid I can't help personally, but there is a member on here called Jennings Heilig who is very knowledgeable on this aircraft. I think he even had some input with Amt/ertl on the c-135 kits. Regards Mark
  3. Beautifully built and painted, love the weathering etc. Excellent !.
  4. Well I'm very happy to see this sheet as it contains the two schemes I really want to do, namely the aircraft used by Ulsterman F/O F.D Hughes, PS-T and PS-B "Coimbatore ii". Happy Days!
  5. Great info Troy, never knew there were as many proposed variants. My idea of a whiff would be a contra-rotating Griffin powered, cut-down fuselage, tear dropped canopy and four cannoned armed beast with drop tanks!. Seriously though, with this new tooling I can see the Defiant continuing a good seller for Airfix. I will be buying a few for sure!.
  6. Hi John, I would be very interested in a Varsity as they seem a bit hard to find these days!. How do I go about putting my name down for one?. Mark.
  7. Sorry for the thread resurrection, but Rhodesian Air Force enthusiasts should be very happy with this!. I know I am as my SAM decals are nearly finished! http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72214.
  8. Great link Marty. Some other interesting R.A.F/ aviation related films on their site too.
  9. They look smashing sets, some lovely options on them all. Fancy the Rhodesian and Lebanese examples myself!
  10. Hi there, I have the first edition of this book and it is an excellent history of that fine air force. It is a full history of sixty years of military flight in Rhodesia with a wealth of information on both the Second world war and the Bush war periods. It is illustrated with maps etc throughout the forty seven chapters and has glossy photographic sections with multiple black and white pictures spread across the book. It also has nine appendices detailing, amongst other things, honours and awards, prisoners of war and Roll of Honour. I highly recommend this book if you are interested in all things Rhodesian, you will not be disappointed!!.
  11. Hi there Andy, Whilst I am not sure about an image of a real aircraft, in the recent July issue of Air Forces monthly there was an article about U.K air power (squadrons and unit changes ) which featured a couple of artists images of aircraft in proposed schemes. One of these was a Typhoon of No1(F) Sqn which had bars not chevrons. Perhaps this was what you have seen?. Hope this helps!. regards, Mark.
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