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  1. Can anyone recommend a source for obtaining a pair of Vanwall decals to replace the ones on my old 1/24 Merit Vanwall. Can't find anyone who sells them and so I need to contact who takes on one offs.
  2. Excuse my ignorance please! What is OOB? Now that the upgrade part has been delivered in an amazing time of less than a week, I now have to work out how to fit it. There are no recommendations or instructions for fitting issued by Shapeways. The new grill is fixed by a sprue-like extension from the front of the engine and I assume is arranged to be exactly the right distance to fit inside the kit nose. Of course, the moulded dummy grill needs to be cut out of the kit part to allow the new grill to fit in. Does anyone have experience of the new upgraded part and can confirm I'm righ
  3. Good tips so thank you very much. It would seem that superglue and or epoxy resin glues are best with this resin material.
  4. Thank you Jorgen and Alan R. That helps a lot. MEK [not C] is Methyl Ethyl Keytone and has been recommended for use as a glue by Slaters a plastic producer for the modelling world. They specialise in sheet strip and rod material known by the manufacturer as Plasticard. It welds plastic parts together by running a seam of the liquid down a joint using a small paint brush. There is no deformation as the weld takes place at the interface. I brought the subject up because of course the plastic material used in the Merit kits in the 50s and 60s might work well with MEK. I will experiment with a bit
  5. As I plan to start work more and more questions occur to me as a reborn vintage race car builder. Fifty years is a big gap! The technical changes that have come about in both construction materials and the glues used in our models have been extensive. In the aircraft and ship models built during the intervening years I have mostly used MEC applied using a fine brush. This is used to join most parts as with the plastic used in most of these kits, a plastic weld is achieved. However, in later years with kits with both plastic and metal parts MEC has continued to be used combined wit
  6. Talking of glue what glues do you use throughout the build off this superb effort! I see you use epoxy resin but do you also use MEC and superglues? Oh and BTW what is Evergreen?
  7. Glad to hear positive response about Shapeways products. If its as good as the illustration on the website I will be well pleased. Need to look for the Fernando Pinto wheel set next for the Alfa. Any experience of these folks?
  8. As folks may have seen elsewhere I've just obtained a Merit Alfa 158 kit and am delighted with it. I think it will make the basis of a nice model. As I prepare to start the build one of our members introduced me to the Shapeways upgrade for the engine and grill. Having studied this I read that there is an added note about the product being brittle. As I'm new to 3D printed products I wonder if anyone is able to comment on this note and in particular how suitable it will be on a display model.
  9. The Merit Alfa 158 kit that I ordered has arrived. If your on here Dave P thanks for a great service. The kit appears to be mint. So, I am now preparing to start work and will try and keep a record on WIP. First think to consider is whether I should add the upgrade kit offered by Indycals in association with Shapeways. In view of the warnings about the product being brittle I'm a little concerned. Does anyone have experience of this upgrade?
  10. Well guys you have provided me with a wealth of places to look for help for which I'm very grateful. As a newbie its all a bit confusing but I'm sure I will get there in the end. I have just bought a Merit Alfa 158 and am waiting its arrival. I think I shall crack on with that before I go back and attack the Vanwall and Lancia Ferrari D50. The first thing I will want to get for all of the models is a new set of wire wheels to replace the very crude ones in the kits. I think I read somewhere that these are available but it didn't say who sells them. Can anyone help with this to
  11. That’s very helpful, six97. I’ll give those a try and report back. Might be a few days though as I’m in mid build of a G1 Chapelon Nord pacific loco!
  12. Super job you’ve done and just what I had in mind for my Vanwall and Lancia Ferrari. Problem is they were built when the kits first came out. The body is glued together probably using the Airfix plastic cement we used for plastic models in the early 60s. So the issue is how do I remove the top section without ruining the body? How did you split yours!
  13. As a newbie here I was delighted to find your project the other day. I built my Vanwall when the kit first came out together with the Lancia Ferrari D50. I look at it now and wish that I’d added the details similar to you. I’m thinking that if I can split the body apart perhaps I can add details and improve the model. Problem is how do I get it apart? The glued we used in those days were usually Airfix glue and I’ve no idea whether there is a suitable solvent that will dissolve the glue without ruining the body! Anyone got any experience?
  14. Is there any information on upgrading a finished model of Merit racing cars on this site please? I have both a Vanwall and Lancia Ferrari that I built back in the early 60s that need repair and upgrading with further detail. Has anyone done this type of work?
  15. Thanks for the welcome guys! Friendly lot on this list it would seem. Since my last listing I’ve had some further thoughts that I’d like to share and ask advice over. Back in the late 50s I built a couple of Merit cars - a Vanwall and a Lancia Ferrari D50. In those days my modelling skills were pretty slim in plastic modelling. I’d like to go back on them and try to bring them up to a better standard. Does anyone have experience with rebuilding/modifying a finished Merit race car?
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