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  1. What an unusual subject, an American - French aircraft captured from the Germans. Wonderful! - And to find it had a dedicated decal sheet, even more wonderful. Thanks for sharing!
  2. This is really an aside, but in one of the Russian language books on trophy vehicles there was a Wespe in Soviet markings. I don't recall which book, but it certainly was an interesting variation to normal Wehrmacht machines. - Kind of like a German T-34, if you get my drift.
  3. Boy, doesn't it look the part?! What a majestic aircraft.
  4. It looks like someone beat me to it. The site is aerobatic teams.net.
  5. It's a shame that it's language that most stands in the way of better understanding. I'll check out the Stormo site. Thanks for the heads up and your comments.
  6. The Turkish B-10s were yellow over natural metal. Some B-10s had continuous canopies as did the 166.
  7. It's sad when it doesn't turn out like one hopes. Sometimes something simple like weathering or a spray of "dust" might bring out some of the lost detail. I don't think I'd give up on it at all. You've put a great deal of work into it, and the photos don't do it justice. It's a handsome vehicle.
  8. The early tanks seem to have so much character and you're captured that in your build.
  9. You've put a lot of thought into your model and it will look the part when finished. It's an impressive list of modifications that really accentuate reality.
  10. I never would have thought of that. I remember speaking to an older modeller some years ago when they were making the wooden Skybird model kits. For struts they would use an appropriate thickness of rod and glue a scrap of paper over it to give an airfoil effect. It really works well today.
  11. Cometracer


    Yes, in 1934 the registrations were silver, but was painted white during the restoration of Grosvenor House and that has stuck ever since. So it goes.
  12. It is undoubtedly a lot of work, but I think the result will be a good one. There are so many liveries for the DH88 that one is spoiled for choice, and with a bit of minor surgery any one of the five can be modelled. Of late are the French liveries. The 1/72 kits seem to cover most of them, but just maybe the after market folks will provide us those options in 1/48. I think Airfix really missed the opportunity here. It's such a lovely aircraft and so significant to the history of aviation here in the UK.
  13. You did it proud and the colour scheme you used really rings true to the aircraft and the time. Very well done. Thanks for sharing.
  14. I've always loved the Martin B-10 and have wanted to model the later variant the 166. The Turks used them as well as the Dutch in the East Indies. The Williams Brothers kit captures the spirit of the aircraft well. I don't know about the newer kits.
  15. It's funny really, there are so many things available for rigging wire. The cheapest and most therapeutic is just nasty old stretched sprue. There is an abundance of it, so if you screw one up you just make another, and the price is right. It may not win you any contests, but it sure looks the part. - Just sayin'.
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