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  1. Wow! I had no idea about a 2002 re-release. Were there any other differences in the 2002 kit, besides the use of yellow-tinged clear plastic? 1-148 scale cars should be almost indistinguishable from 1-144 I would expect.
  2. Adrian, Interesting that the more recent roof has discoloured. I suppose that Airfix must have made a few production runs over the years which might explain the difference. If I go through with my stretching plans, I won't ultimately be needing the cars that I have already - so let me know if you're happy to have duplicate vehicles. Personally, I would like to have seen some weird and wonderful French cars included in the kit.
  3. Thanks Adrian. Let's see what you've got leftover when you've done your project. The roof and side windows could be of particular interest. Will you be doing the roof semi-transparent? If so, it goes without saying that you need to be very careful with the glue. The roof in my kit is already spoiled with glue (thanks to previous owner) but it doesn't matter because I will not be leaving any of it clear.
  4. Thanks Dave, At the outset, my intention was just to show the two SRN4s beside each other, one as the kit and the other stretched. Thankfully I'm not such a purist that every small detail would need to be correct, so I can live with some imperfections. After all, the model is just for me... not to win any prizes with anyone else. I haven't thought yet that it would need to be a complete scratch build, but obviously there are huge differences in the skirts, roof (and layout) and pylons - so arguably not much of the original kit would be left. I may yet just end up building the reg
  5. Hi Adrian, Thank you very much for your messages. I take it that you don't have any plans to make a stretched SRN4 yourself? I was all set to get started on my project but then got overtaken with a mountain of other things... at this rate it could well be August before I commence. Besides, what I had thought was just a "simple" stretching turned out to be rather more complicated. The passenger cabin was widened at the same time, so some modifications were made to the roof too which I am still investigating. I have to make some decisions and compromises on how accurate m
  6. Hi. I have just seen your fantastic Airfix SRN4 Hovercraft model. I notice that you had plans to build a stretched version, just like I am about to do in Seaspeed livery. Did you ever get started with it? You mentioned that the craft got wider as well as longer, however, so far, I cannot find any evidence of external widening (I don't plan to show internal parts, so wider passenger cabin doesn't matter). If there was external widening, please enlighten me. I fear that any external widening will go way beyond my modelling skills.

    1. macgregor



      Sadly no I have the kits etc but have never got round to the conversion. In terms of the craft being wider, the cabin side walls were moved further out to make the cabin areas bigger  but the actual basic craft remained the same width. The skirt became bigger & wider by around a 1/3 if I remember correctly. If you check references I’m sure will see the difference. Hope this helps & good luck.


      Cheers Greg

  7. My name is Robert and I am new here. I'm a Brit living in Finland. Some years ago I built an Airfix SRN4 hovercraft and have been meaning to build a stretched MkIII version in Seaspeed livery ever since. Has anyone here already successfully done this? I have a donor kit already (partly built and then carelessly ripped apart by a previous owner) and I am trying to decide how to go about it. My plan is to 3D print parts to fill the gap and to create the larger skirt all round. Unfortunately, the craft was not only lengthened but many small external details were changed at the same ti
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