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  1. Thank you! As I said, I'm happy you liked it. The young boy still inside me...hidden very deep, was "screaming of joy" when the result started showing, as I said the "chrome dome" B-52s are probably my favourite modelling subject so I spent some time observing photos etc... The rippled skinning on the vertical fin is very characteristic for me and it is simply done using angled parallel stripes of micro masking tape. It is actually quite easy. Another option would be to have a painting template consisting of parallel slots. This could be an idea for those brands producing photo etched or
  2. Thank you for the nice comments. Thank you Eric, thank you everyone, I didn't expect this. I remember when I was a kid I use to be very self-critical about my models. I remember often, many models finishing in the spare box. About this specific model, since I really liked it since ever, I can say that in these 25 years I have been often thinking on how I would have done it. So I have been thinking on how to paint it with modern metallic paints (25 years ago I think I only remember Humbrol 11 and 56). I bought a lot of books, I' ve been observing the nice work of others and I did some
  3. Thanks again everyone! I appreciate. Tony, it was my big modelling dream too. If I can suggest, just try it! It is not that difficult, really. The shiny metallic areas are large, regular and well defined and this helps a lot. I think this kit is a perfect base where to start "experimenting" with metallic colours. As many said then, even though it's an old kit, I think the finished model is very correct, the shape is spot on. I think this livery then, is the most attractive and appropriate. I really love it and I hope that, family and work permitting, I will be able to continue expan
  4. Thank you very much everyone! Thank you for the "welcome back" to this fantastic hobby! I love all aviation but mainly BIG American bombers and transports from the 50s, 40s and 30s. I simply love to see all that metal! In this time I've been observing a lot around for techniques, materials etc... So I'm quite up to date. The main problem for me, apart from the glasses I need now, is the time available. Till I was about 16 or 18 was different but now, with family and work... At the moment due to the global situation, the work has diminished and I had time. I hope to be
  5. Thank you very much everyone!! I'm happy you like it. As you are saying, I was really inspired by "Dr. Strangelove", "A Gathering of Eagles" and especially "Bombers B-52". I also like a lot many works I see around, here, on youtube etc... Anyway, I really liked the B-52 from the first time I saw it in a book when I was about 8, I think. At that time, I thought that the Boeing 707/720 was the biggest airplane! Regarding the Monogram kit, yes, it's a bit old but I believe that the final result is very accurate in shape. I would love to do also an early G or H from the Modelcolle
  6. Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it. In all this time I have been watching a lot other modellers.
  7. Hi everyone! I used to do be an air modeler till teenage but now I haven't built anything for about 25 years. So, please, be understanding for imperfections. Recently, I decided to make my modelling dream come true: I built the Monogram B-52 in the SAC 50s livery. The model is built out of the box with just minor adds like the replacement of the rear gun machines with 4 "Mini World" Cal 50 machine gun barrels. The colors used are: Dull aluminium areas: "Tamiya flat aluminium - XF-16", lightly buffed (to reduce the glitter aspect) and then covered with "alclad Klear Ko
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