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  1. Yes, over all, I think, I would be fine with the kit detail...I am a bit lucky on that since I am more interested in early 50s - 60s B-52 versions, so with less stuff on it, you know...chrome dome stuff etc... Anyway you are doing a superb job with details, wiring, skin shrinking etc... it looks in 1/48 scale!! You have professional skills! I'm really looking forward for progress!
  2. You are doing a superb job! I like your fine detailing and painting. I am following with a lot of interest, I've done an early SAC D (monogram) and I'd love to do an early G or H. Modelcollect seems, to me, the best option. I think the overall shape it's much more correct than the AMT-Italeri. Thank you for sharing your nice work!!
  3. Great job sir!!! I remember very well the Air Malta 720Bs in the 80s, roaring day and night. They didn't have APU so every time they needed the external starter unit, even noisier! Those were times! I still feel the strong smell of kerosene, dense smoke, noise, shiny heavy metal wings and jets and the heat released by those engines once the aircraft turns out of stand! Todays liners, in contrast, appear made of plastic and candies! I like a lot your metal job, looking forward for new updates! I also have the Roden kit, so, I learn from you!
  4. I'm glad you have good memories! I also remember lots of Boeing 707s and especially 720s, just as a very young child back in the 80s. They were huge to me, shiny, noisy, smoky, smelly of jet fuel. That's I think why I like so much B-52s, they are a kind of 707x2! Very interesting what you are saying on the electrical controls used instead of hydraulics to save weight. Very clever, I never new that!
  5. Thank you so much Orion! You are too kind. I was even lucky, almost everything worked more or less the way I was expecting. Since when I was very young I was almost "obsessed" with "silver" B-52s so I've been observing a lot of photos, material etc... I've been also observing many great modellers, here and in general online so I created my own ideas. The cover, for me, it's a must! Dust, cats, children around, are worse then Soviet ICBMs! A big thank you for your interest, I exchange the deep bow to you Orion! Stay safe!
  6. I really love your collection! Especially, the way you manage to display all those monsters is simply brilliant! Your Modelcollect B-52H is really lovely, I hope to make an "early one" one day...well, I hope to have a similar collection one day, probably more focused on the 50s and 60s! You can be really proud Sir!
  7. Thank you so much for your interest!! For long I also thought I didn't have the space , till I realized I only need a corner of approx. 80cm by 80cm. Check also the solution of "hsr", a senior member, I think it's very interesting:
  8. Very interesting! I'm happy for the career of your father, it sounds quite a lot!! I hope you have many memories from that time! Yes, I heard of the monstrous complexity especially of the first B-52s. In the movie "Bombers B-52" it looks just like a jewel of technical advancement but I have read in many places that it was very complicated. For me knowing the complexity of these giants, increases their charm even more. For an outside observer, they were kept flying continuously just like small Pipers!!
  9. Thank you Sir! I really appreciate your comment. So, your father was a crew on these beautiful monsters?
  10. I know! I hope the perspex will save the model from my little godzilla! I still remember the frustration when I was a kid and clumsy friends etc...wanted to touch my models!! I hope pespex is enough, at least at the moment!
  11. Thank you very much!! Don't forget that the model appearing in Dr Strangelove was a beautiful B-52 G/H Yes, with the "perspex box" solution I hope I will be able to pile up, one on each other, some large models, occupying only the space of a corner in a room. Thank you for your comment Bangseat, I appreciate!
  12. Thank you to you James! I'm happy you appreciated the slideshow! Few of those simple tips also came from modelling in the 80s and 90s. It was another era. I remember when I run out of putty I use to create my own one mixing paint and talcum powder! It use to work! Thank you so much again!
  13. Thank you for the tip about the shipping! I will do the same. It remains the problem that it's almost impossible to ship Testors enamels or lacquers outside Continental America and I couldn't find them in Europe but for you it should be ok I guess! If you have old jars I think they should be fine, try them, if I remember correctly the pigment was very fine and nice. Glad you also like cold war era bare metal schemes. I also started a B-36 but I don't really know what will happen whit that as my son just came, I'm very happy, I just hope not to have to wait another 25 years for the next model to be complete!
  14. Thank you very much Gary! I'm glad you liked her! B-52s, especially "long tail" ones, from the 50s, are, for me, beautiful, mighty, very elegant machines. They are by far my favourite ones! I like anyway a lot all the US bombers and transports from the early cold war era. I'd like to build them all, a load of shiny metal stuff! B-36, B-47, B-50, B-29, B-58, C-54, C-118, KC-135, just to mention some. Heavy metal beauty! Thank you again Gary!
  15. Yes, very true, here in Europe I couldn't find Testors (Only Acrylics are available) . On ebay USA, Testors enamel, for example, it's available here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Testors-1781-Aluminum-Color-Enamel-Paint-1-2-oz-Flat-Model-Master/353323216577?epid=2254496430&hash=item5243b46ec1:g:MecAAOSwlvNcnY6N I don't know if they will ship it where you live. That is the main problem! I remember I used it about 20 years ago and the pigment was very fine, very good looking. I still have some old jars of Testors aluminium enamel and it's still perfect, like new. Even "Alclad dull aluminium" is very good I think , I forgot to mention it before but I think that the "shelf life" of this one is not very long. I had to throw away few jars some time ago.
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