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  1. Outstanding….memories flooding back
  2. Great little build and display.. well done
  3. Closing stages . Head lamps and number plate to do and radio head set .
  4. I’d go for the Tamiya version to .. as John says check your reference.. I’ve got a couple of original parts from one .. they broke some up to return the Land Rovers to other use ..and a pile of parts lay in the MT yard so I borrowed a couple of bits ..
  5. Cheers Andrew most kind of you .. the window on the canvas is a bit that’s often missed ans is quite prominent.. I use a bit of plastic from zip lock bags as the plastic is slightly thicker and bends well . All held in place with some masking tape and white glue .. as the interior has a prominent seam around it .. glad your enjoying it .
  6. Managed some good progress.. roll bars sorted from some scrap metal and some colour going on .. and a small base to put it on ..always adds a sense of scale I think .
  7. I’ve got all of these. Copies of the ltalieri kit with parts added.. even has the six wheel nuts
  8. Trying the patience of a saint I see.. nice work mate.
  9. Me too….Not on buccaneers but with 34Sqn
  10. That’s cool Mike using one of these at the moment to build my Land Rover on here . You can use the early tamiya Land Rovers to give you the early grill and light configuration you would need.. larkspur was on the way out when I joined with clansman coming in ..
  11. To be fair you would be. Better having a go at 1/35 scale
  12. The Ffr kit is hard to find now ..they do come up occasionally and the radio kit is a bit odd ..I got a larkspur set from a company to add to it …nice model though
  13. Thank you it’s what we did back then .. either NI or other conflicts, armour has improved over the years …but what we had we had ..
  14. Thanks for your comments Das. Yes I’d agree it’s a bit of a mix but I’ve enough spare bits to make a passable effort on the military front..spent many years driving them and the corrections are relatively easy …. radio kit starting to come together along with the table..
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