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  1. Hi all, I've been quite preoccupied recently with the bridge structures so I stepped away from it for a while as I was quite keen to get the wooden deck on, it felt like I was starting to have too many things not quite finished so time to get things in a bit more order. As far as I know wooden decks tend to take on a washed out greyish look to them after a while and looking at pictures of KGV in late 1944 she was looking quite worse for wear, so I thought I'd try to wash mine out a bit using these; I've been waiting for this to turn upafter a bit of research it seems drybrushing carefully with these can be quite effective so another first for me to try! Here's what I started with and hopefully you can see where I tested it out a bit around the edges first, Sometime later I got to this, I used some of the waste areas to "go to far" so I had a reference to stop before I got there I thought it looked pretty subtle, but compared to the other piece, which I haven't done yet, I can see the difference I don't think It's overdone, but as ever any thoughts gladly received, thanks for looking in
  2. Another cracker on the way by the looks of it, hope you get your mojo back for the card model it was coming along rather nicely I thought
  3. Hi as far as I know LCI would be landing craft infantry LCS would be landing craft support I think the (s) or (L) would denote small or large, hth, and defo take one on to remember your Dad, mine was at Dunkirk
  4. Thank you, I'll look forward to it and I'll pick up some knowledge on the way! Out of interest Bellerophon was indeed a class of Battleships (3)built in the early 1900's and she was at Jutland, a worthy descendant maybe, good luck with your build(s)!
  5. Hi, that looks like a beautiful project, I shall follow (quietly) along if you don't mind, a bit beyond my skills though so don't expect much input! When I saw Bellephoron it caught my eye, I must say I was thinking Dreadnought type battleship circa WW1, sounds like she had quite an interesting history, look forward to seeing it progress here
  6. For the amount of work put into this my words won't do it justice really, outstanding job! thanks for sharing
  7. thanks I'll keep note for the future! those seem to be the go to for this kind of work
  8. That looks great! lovely job, for (my) future reference can I ask what colours you used for the nmf sections? I'm hoping to get around to some ww2 heavies at some point myself...
  9. Hi all, its been a while so thought I'd show you where I'm at, still haven't had a lot of spare time recently so small steps are taking some time but some progress to share, after painting the hull I moved onto the forward superstructure and various bridges, compass platform and so on, Here's where I had just started mostly removing the moulded on parts ready for PE, A fair bit of filler needed especially at the front, numerous doors and hatches to go on, after looking at many photos I decided to mark out positions for some more scuttles which aren't on the model I think should be Some time later I got to this point Then I added these extra shields into where the lookout sights are stationed One thing I noticed when looking at photos of the ship was what appears to be cabling running to the searchlights so I thought I'd try to replicate them Not bad for a first attempt probably a bit oversize but I'm learning on the job! They were pretty tricky to place actually here's pretty much what I've got to so far I'll show you what I've done with the funnel and HACS tower next as I haven't finished them yet and don't want to post too much at once, thanks for looking in and if anyone has any thoughts or advice I'd be very grateful
  10. Great looking project have you seen the SD14 WIP on here? It's card model too I believe, but it's quite big...
  11. I'd quite like HMS Renown in a late ww2 fit out and HMS Agincourt as at battle of jutland, 14 x 12" guns! Both in 1/350 please
  12. Hi, I think you may be able to get one from bna model World, quite a few people on this forum have used them, myself included, I haven't fitted their deck to my KGV yet but it looks very good quality, most people would recommend them, they are in Australia so shipping can take some time but they are reliable, maybe give them a look, hth in the meantime look forward to seeing your build
  13. Great job, poignant back story, thanks for sharing looking forward to the big one!
  14. OK no problem I did click the usage agreement don't know why it hasn't come out? If you need me to I'll remove the picture,
  15. The details going into this are great, I hope I can get mine even somewhere near! I have a picture of the mystery object on board Prince of Wales, ok to post?
  16. Nice job another one done reminds me to get on with mine...
  17. Very interesting project! Sure you've seen during your research but there's some nice photos of a cottage industries 1/32 model of this with all the engine, boiler and gears on show on the "great Canadian model builders Web page" sorry I never know If I should post links to someone else's work but maybe of interest to you
  18. Beautiful job, as above you could spend ages looking at it all, well done
  19. Coming along nicely, a good warm up for the Hood in fact, I'll look forward to seeing it progress, should keep you busy for a bit
  20. Hi all, not much to share at the moment as I've found myself short on spare time, I'm making progress on the forward superstructure and I'll share some pictures shortly, however I have realised I should have taken some before starting as a reference for you to show how much I've removed ready for the PE replacement, sorry. In the meantime can i ask for some advice please? I'd like to add some wash and highlights to the deck fittings before I fit the wooden deck, I've tried using some grey ak wash but for me when i try to get it in some of the smaller areas it just spreads out too far and won't stay in the join, so to speak. Does anybody have a recommendation, I have some oils to use later would these be better? Also what sort of colour would be best as being colourblind sometimes causes an issue to making the right choice!thats why " grey wash for naval decks" was my first choice, as ever thanks for looking in and any help gratefully recieved
  21. So not a bad shout then if @Devo can get them for his build?
  22. I think hataka have a decent range of RN colours too, but how accurate I don't know, I have only used colourcoats myself, nice scheme though don't see it very often...
  23. Everything everyone else has said, beautiful job there
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