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    HI guys...I know that we really don't have any final information,. but what is the general view of the Telford show being held this year? I'm in the U.S. so its a long reach with some planning required. I'm just trying to get some rough idea of the chances its going to go on as scheduled.
  2. BTW, Tamiya Clear yellow Tint, sprayed inside the canopy gives you something that looks Like the gold tint. Spray It lightly in coats or mix it with some Future.
  3. Morning Gents..I believe extracolor did the Free Kuwaiti colors. I built up the Kuwaiti A-4 as such and it is quite pleasing.
  4. Gents..as promised, the link to French Air Force official colors. https://ereverra.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/ere_copie_couleurs_reference_def_fr.pdf in French of course.
  5. Hi guys..French built aircraft painted in French colors. I've got a link somewhere to the equivalent standard. Easy enough to google it. We've seen these colors before on Jaguars and other Mirages.
  6. Hi ..I was not aware DreamModel did a Dauphin...
  7. Gents. ..title says in all. I do know already about the tail rotor. I'm talking 1/72 DreamModel here.
  8. Hi gents..I might be giving Telford a go...Ive heard so much that its the number one item on my bucket list. A couple of quick questions...since rooms are sold out in Telford is staying i Birmingham a good option. It looks like a short ride on the weekends.? What rail line do you recommend? there appears to be several to choose from? How far the railroad station i the exhibit centre? Is it walkable? Can I do the show in one day and enjoy it or should I plan both days?
  9. Gents...your Red Arrows are now just down the road from me at Newburgh/Stewart AP in New York. I'll be attending the show on this Saturday. Being a bit of an enthusiast I was wondering if anyone could comment on just how they managed to arrive here. Do they carry extra fuel tanks on the Atlantic crossing? Are they modified for mid-air refueling on the crossing? What would their route be and where would they stop to refuel? I believe the range of the Hawk is roughly 500 miles for starters.
  10. Viasistina

    Grey confusion

    Agreed..USN helo's are finished in engine grey 36081 (16081).
  11. Hello, who are your distributors in the US?
  12. Careful my friend. Trim and fit everything first and follow the directions carefully. Don't build anything out of sequence. Its a great j Kit but if something gets out of alignment things go south fast.
  13. Excellent reference...thanks much...I would never find that one on my own.
  14. Viasistina

    Defiant Colors

    Greetings from snowy Washington DC. I'm about to have to go at the Airfix 1/72 Boulton Paul Defiant. I'm not sure whether I am going with all black scheme or the earth/green one. Can anyone clarify the colors of the wheel wells, wheel hubs and struts in both versions? The directions are a bit sketchy in that regard. Thanks in advance.
  15. Take a well deserved rest and then get busy on a Mirage3C. Thus is the iconic version of this aircraft that launched all of these other variants yet somehow is neglected by the manufacturers.
  16. For some strange reason the engraving on the tailplanes is raised.
  17. Wes.. I agree, but I can't find the pylons fir the rocket pods (IDF) armed version.
  18. Petr: where are the pylons for the inboard rocket pods? I cannot locate them on the sprue pictures.
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