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  1. Gantt

    Chipmunk model???

    I won’t cheer until it’s finished. Could be just ruining a kit. Many times my ambitions far outweigh my talents.
  2. Gantt

    Chipmunk model???

    after I responded to your earlier post I looked around online to see the super chipmunk. My dad has always told me his father bought it stock and sent it down to someone with the last name of Spinks to modify it for aerobatic use. my plan is to modify the control surfaces as needed, along with faired gear. As for the canopy I’ll just have to make do with the kit. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I never knew about the super chipmunk, and it’s always good to learn new things!!
  3. Gantt

    Chipmunk model???

    I only have this one digital photo, and it is a newer picture. It has been modified a little since he sold it in the early 1970’s. I do have some negatives, along with slides of his bird. Also have a large framed picture of it. I’ll take a picture of it tonight and update the post. Here is the plane as it sits now.
  4. Gantt

    Chipmunk model???

    I have two on preorder!!
  5. Gantt

    Chipmunk model???

    In my case I would need to modify the landing gear anyway. My grandfathers plane was faired. I preordered two 1/48 Chipmunk kits from Airfix a few weeks ago. And a fellow here says he will release a bubble canopy for this kit as well. Sounds like I will be in business!
  6. No, I didn’t. I’ll have to try that on spare decals and see how it goes. I’ve never run into this before. Here is a few pictures of the after effects of the matte finish. it appears the only decals effected are ones that do not lay flat on the model. Rivets causing the decal to not lay flat. Maybe the matte caused air pressure differences under the decal where an air pocket was present.
  7. Decals; or water transfers as you limeys call them, are on. Sprayed with matte gloss clear coat and the decals are wrinkled up something awful. First time I’ve seen that personally. I picked up another kit like this, and next time I will make stencils and paint the majority of the decals instead. Watched a few videos on using the decal sheet as a pattern and thin masking tape to cut the shapes out perfectly. nothing like having an issue pop up and really put a dent in the models quality.
  8. Almost done with the decals, then will spray a matte clear finish. I am not happy with the decal stripes. Next time I’ll mask and paint them. Live and learn. Thinking about picking up another kit like this today, I’d like to build another and want to make the improvements in technique while the mistakes are still fresh in my mind.
  9. @Biggles87 possibly. I work on it an hr before leaving for work each morning, and usually around four hours both Saturday and Sunday mornings. It’s coming along well, making mistakes as I get my feet back under me. I also spend some of that time on a few other models at the same time. @Dr. Quack thank you!!
  10. Wings installed. Time to tape it up and hit it with some primer. Then sand down to see where I need more filling/sanding. I mixed silver, rust and black to get the color for the manifold tubes. I was going for a discolored steel look.
  11. cockpit is finished, fuselage is assembled. sanding and filling seams now. started filling and sanding seams on a 1/72 Sabre in Japanese colors as well, and doing prep work on a 1/72 Voodoo. I forgot how addicting modelling is!! Pics this evening.
  12. Worked this morning. Tried the dry brush method on the gear doors in an attempt to “dirty” them up. Didn’t turn out too bad. cockpit is coming along.
  13. No not the warplane lol i started this kit about 14 years ago and never finished it. It started as a hard top and I modified it to be a convertible. my mother has a ‘66 convertible and I was modeling this after hers. I matched the colors up pretty close using touch up paint from the auto parts store. I figured I’d finish this up and give it to her for Christmas. It’s a little rough, but it’s in good shape for the shape it’s in. I was thinking about trying to improve on my previous work and decided to just finish it as is and let it ride.
  14. @wellsprop honestly I am not sure about the engine. He bought it surplus and flew it down to Texas to be outfitted by a top acrobatic company, fellow named Spinks. he sold the plane around 72 after getting a brain tumor. The plane went to Arizona for a few years. I was able to follow the plane to its current owner from the tail number. At some point it had further modifications, including a larger engine. It is now a single seater. In North Carolina, a doctor owns it now. I have some pictures of it from the 60’s but I have to find them. put me down for a kit, would you be willing to ship to the USA? Not for free, of course.
  15. Gantt

    Chipmunk model???

    No I had not, I saw another thread with someone asking for detailed plans. May have been the same guy. very interested, thanks for the link.
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