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  1. Tamiya for A-8, Eduard for A-5...
  2. Thank you... I used Tamiya Acrylics for aircraft and Vallejo Acrylics for figures.
  3. Revell/Hasegawa Ju 87B-2 Verlinden Productions Ju 87 Update Set Eduard Zoom Set Eduard Masks True Detail Wheels Aires WW2 Luftwaffe Bomb Loeading Cart ICM Figures Kit's Decals
  4. Old Monogram Kit with Aires Seats, ModelMaster Enamels, Kit's Decals...
  5. True Details wheels are excellent but needed axles. Canopy inside frames: First the black ones, than RLM 02. The first coat: RLM 65 (Tamiya XF 23) Masking and the 2nd coat: RLM71 (Tamiya XF 13) and masking again... Now she's ready for RLM 70 (Tamiya XF 27)
  6. Hi Erwin, I don't know if she was in BoB before May 1941... If so, I'm glad to be in. Anyway, this is what I'm planning.
  7. Astonishing work Rodrigo... I'm planning to build the same aircraft from Academy Models. And this will be a great reference...
  8. The original photo of cart from www.ww2incolor.com
  9. I'm planning a "mini diorama" and I thought adding a "Luftwaffe Bomb Loading Cart" could be nice... Kit's bomb needed to be detailed a little... And Aires's Cart:
  10. Hasegawa mould. Aftermarkets: Verlinden Productions' Ju 87 Update Set Eduard's Zoom Set Eduard's Masks True Details' Wheels First the engine covers are cut from the fuselage and detailed with Tamiya Masking Tape. Some wiring and details are added to the engine. Cockpit: Control Panel:
  11. mozkar


    Thank you all! Ps: "muazzam"
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