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  1. Thanks for the Info! the kit contains some Mavericks, they where used quite often by the F-16s however right?
  2. Yes I have already checked it, one of my favourite sites to start loading research but well, I haven’t really found anything, that’s why I am asking here
  3. Hey Guy’s, in the last few days I’ve been doing quite some research on Operation Desert Storm and, as is so often the case, bought my self a new kit In General, while LGBs were very popular, the F-16C could not yet carry them (no LANTRIN yet) and so often carried either Mk.84 LDGP bombs or cluster Bombs. My question is: Where there any F-16C Squadrons that used Paveway Laser Guided Bombs during Desert Storm? 388th Tactical Fighter Wing eg. Was the first to use the LANTRIN system during DS, but I couldn’t find any more loading info on it thanks for an
  4. you can see what I mean on this kit for example credit to: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/81252-fa-18f-super-hornet-50th-anniversary-trumpeter-132/
  5. Hey guys, I have a question regarding the F/A-18E Super Hornet. My kit features some round panels on the wing of the Bug. These are (compared with real images) accurate. Here is my question: What are these round panels? Are the some sort of access hatches? Maybe to fuel tanks? Thanks in advance!
  6. Quick question: What's your favorite Ordinance Loadout for the F-15E Strike Eagle?
  7. The eduard one comes with 2 fuel tanks, but thats not really worth it for me... I work with what I have and that is an de facto A-6E that need so repairs and some scratchbuilding anyways
  8. It does come with the TRAM turret, but was the gull-grey/white camouflage still used by A-6Es?
  9. I am really thankfull for that very comprehensive guide! say, where do you find these great pictures?
  10. Id love doing that, (id do a diorama with the KA-6D) but finding aftermarket accessories in 1/144 scale tends to be quite hard
  11. Hey guys, I habe bought a KA-6D kit. (Dragon 4595) Here is the Problem tho: While the kit comes with the Refueling basket and a puddy refueling pod, it comes with only 1 fuel drop tank. For that reason I thought about making an A-6E from it. My question: what would be typical weapon loadout for the A-6?
  12. Thank you very much, that should help
  13. I am currently building a lovely Cf-18. I like my aircraft to carry a lot of bombs and missiles, but i am unsure about what canadian horners can/do carry... bomb loadouts would be preferred. Thank you in advance
  14. Thanks for the advice! I think I have a BRU-55/57 in my stash. Do ypu know if a SH could carry JSOW on the outboard pylon? I have seen it kit that tellstell me to do it but no official source yet
  15. Hey guys, it's me again. And again I have some questions about the Super Hornet. I will build a diorama and I plan on opening up some panels on my 1/144 SH. Soo, my question: what kinda panels could I open up? (I know this question is pretty general...) Also I found this image:what is he/she doing there and what is this cable? Is it like a power cable? Thank you for any anwsers
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