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  1. Looking great! The resin heads really improve the kits alot!
  2. Well done! I have the same task in front of me in 1/72....frightening
  3. Very convincing zimmerit! May i ask what exactly you made the pattern withwhat your pattern tool is?
  4. Your model ist absolutely beautiful! The only thing i miss is the blueish-greenish-greyish armored windshield. Most modellers overdoe that imho :)
  5. It is looking spectacularly good, Jon!
  6. Love that crane! You married the right woman Yes, sculpting is very demanding. But i`m sure everything will look terrific in the end!
  7. Thats a very cool build! Yes, get an airbrush-its alot of fun with more control
  8. Admit it; you use a huge match and a big silicone hand for the size comparison!
  9. Did you use the Blackbox Resin Cockpit for this build?
  10. Impressive to say the least! You managed to tint the windshield very realistic btw
  11. I'm curious to see how this develops! Great start! I never made it past the Intake trunks...
  12. The color scheme looks terrific! Does the landing gear hold up without the screws?
  13. Excellent work! The only thing that distracts me are the ejection seat handles, but the whole build is beautiful!
  14. Stunningly good work! I paint some Reedoak Figures at the moment and i share your opinion: absolutely the best figures i`ve seen and not even visible printing lines (in 1/48 that is)
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