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  1. Although it's a poor quality image of a burned aircraft, it has always struck me that the interior of the bomb aimers compartment of this wreck seems rather light compared to the black (night) exterior. Could it be that this aircraft, W4308 lost in January 1943, built by A V Roe had an all green interior? Elger
  2. is there any evidence that some earlier Lancasters may have had completely green interiors?
  3. The spinners from LSCM indeed have round holes. I thought I could live with it at first, but then I decided that I couldn't so I went ahead and got a 109 spinner from EagleCals. I simply sanded off the cannon stub. The conversion set comes with a vaccum formed rear canopy. Mine had been damaged in the box with a little dent. Also, the mid-rear section didn't fit very well at all, so I ended up modifying the kit rear part for that. I did use the rear section of the LSCM part.
  4. it's coming together! stuff still to be added: - the entire starboard engine - port propeller - some cockpit instruments - canopy - rear machine gun - antler antenna on the nose - various antennae - radio antenna - exhaust pipes - external fuel tanks ... that's about it?
  5. are b-17 props the same as those on b-25s?
  6. plodding along. some paint: Primed with Tamiya grey primer. Initally planned on using Vallejo Air RLM 74/75/76 but the 74 and 75 were way too dark. Fed up with my airbrush clogging constantly, I switched back to Tamiya mixes, which I thinned with alcohol. After a coat of future, I painted on the markings. I used Miracle Masks for the first time and they worked brilliantly. The kill marks were custum designed by Pip Moss. After all the markings and decals were on, they were sealed with another coat of future. I used oil paints for the panel lines, and then did a bit of post-shading. Finally it received a coat of Vallejo Satin. Thanks for looking
  7. The spinners look identical to those of a Wellington mk II, but also those of a Halifax mk 1/2. Elger
  8. If I recall correctly, that photo of the 110 in Switzerland on the ramp was taken during a test somehow of its radar systems.
  9. Wings Palette has a profile of a G-2 in Croatian markings on their site, but as with a lot of profiles, I have no idea how reliable it is.
  10. and there I was thinking I was asking a simple question :-) so the propeller below is a.... ??
  11. Here are 2 more shots of 79 Squadron aircraft from the Australian War Memorial, maybe they help with the identification?
  12. so it all is slightly more complicated than it seems at first glance. thanks, everyone!
  13. Could use some help with this. I'm doing research on 2 Spitfire Vc trops: BP955 (Dennis Barnham's Malta Vc) and RAAF 79 squadron's A58-137 (ex EE835). My question is very simple: what propellors were fitted to each of these aircraft? DeHavilland, Rotol, or a combination of both? (though this might not be BP955, but it is Barnham in the cockpit and you can see the back of the propeller) help would be appreciated!
  14. Finished painting the cockpit. Used Vallejo acrylics. I ended up replacing the pilot chair with the kit item and the kit seat belts, and I also used the FuG 16 radio and FuG 212 radar box from the Eduard 110G detail set. thanks for looking!
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