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  1. I will be starting the Stirling as soon as iv finished the beaufighter it is the bomber command version the last time I saw one of these was 40 yrs ago a friend had built it. It was displayed with a Lancaster and Wellington and looked very impressive..
  2. Hi all can't get hold of the old black Lancaster kit but did build the new airfix Dambusters version did however get a 70s model avro Stirling which will soon be my next project. Currently working on airfix 1/72 beaufighter... Paul
  3. Merry Christmas to all hope to start soon on short stirling from my wish list ...
  4. They look great I'm going to have to get a meteor model most of them iv seen are in metal finish... Paul
  5. Greetings Rob I am also getting back into the hobby I manly build WW2 aircraft in 1/72 and fighters in1/48 some airfield dioramas. I also build German armour and figurines. Iv never built the Walrus but sounds an interesting project. I believe their is a Walrus on HMS Belfast although it is several years since I visited the ship. Hope your build goes well.... Paul
  6. Thanks for the welcomes... As for the midland air museum not far from where I live was a member when it started 40 years ago I was their when Vulcan landed in 1983. Assisted with museum restorations of some of the aircraft... I still visit model shows at the museum.
  7. A lot of detail is hidden in the interior of the fuselage and cannot be seen once assembled ..
  8. Hello to all from Coventry n lock down recently joined the forum as a new member iv been getting back into scale modelling after a break of some years I am mainly an aircraft RAF type but will build luftwaffe and usaaf ww2 models in 1/72 and 1/48 and will have a bash at dioramas... Hope these darn covid restrictions are soon over all the best hope to learn from the forums.....
  9. I may use this model in a airfield diorama poss build another lanc and ground crew and control tower and a few vehicles...
  10. I built B3...but comes with parts to build different versions of Lancaster including an middle gun turret.. and the standard bomb bay arrangement. I built mine with the Wallace bomb.. I also had trouble getting the front bomb bay bulkhead correct..
  11. Hi built the airfix dambusters lanc during first lock down a nice model. Lot of detail but no crewman..
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