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  1. I only just found this thanks to fellow biker*... holy bovine! Sublime. Absolutely perfect. I just need to don the old flight jacket and take it for a spin if you don't mind. *Gary Medland - comment above!
  2. I've just had a similar scratch building cockpit adventure on a 1/144 Heller F-14A. Much fun! No, really! Loved it.
  3. Brilliant! I'm going to have to have a go on which ever rubbish old kit I attempt next! I'll share any useful interiors I produce on here!
  4. Thanks but I've no particular need for anything right now, I was just wondering if the concept had been translated to the digital age in the way that the card model building kits for model railways had evolved into downloadable kits. I have an ancient Hasegawa Harrier I got out to pinch a decal from, and the spartan cockpit in that got me thinking!
  5. Cheers Bill, This is just a trial fit at the mo. Lighting will be dependant on the eventual location I site it.
  6. This is how it's currently assembled for a trail fit; The "painting" is on some 4mm ply which is a bit warped (before I started) as the intention was just this test piece to see if it would look as good as I imagined. It does! So now I can get on and make a proper mount.
  7. Well, I recon that worked out OK for a trail run! Happy with that!
  8. ModelAid!! wow, what a memory!! Knowing me the remains of the sheet is in a box in the loft somewhere! I'm really into back to basics, budget modelling when it comes to model railways, and I want to continue that in the aircraft stuff I do. Some of the amazing models I see on here are incredible, but they've cost a good few quid in extras such as etched details and resin seats etc. I'm like, "What can I make for a fiver?"!!
  9. Many many years ago, it must have been around 1984, I built an Airfix Harrier GR.3 and used a printed paper cockpit interior that had come free with one of the modelling magazines, along with others; I recall Spitfire and Me109 also being on the sheet. As a simple budget option it was fabulous (at the time!) and I'm really still into modelling on the cheap, is anything like that available to download and home print? thanks all!
  10. Just wow! Who doesn't love a Tomcat eh!
  11. Not sure exactly how, or if, this will work as I intend. No carrier group painted in just yet... I'll see if it's worth it after I trial fit the planes.
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