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  1. Might be my final comment. As soon as the 2 SAAF planes arrive, 4 SAAF send their 16 Vcs off to Malta for the 4 cannon conversion returning on 13 December. I cannot find much in the way of aircraft numbers and no photos. When they are lost on operations as dive bombers they are replaced with 2 cannon versions.
  2. Thank you for the pictures. I note that this one (unlike those in the video and related photos) is dark through the canopy suggesting already repainted (have I got that right?). The "mechanic taken up on tailplane" that caused this crash was BL Watson, aged 19, who was thrown from the plane when it hit the ground and died. The pilot's first plane was u/s and in the rush to catch up he didn't notice the erk.
  3. Back on the original topic JL115 DB-V submits a combat report on 29 November for a damaged Me109 and the operation report is only for 4 cannon machines.
  4. I wasn’t looking for it but this is a great shot of a 152 squadron Vb with underwing bombs in Tunisia.
  5. Every time I look I see something new (or correct something I got wrong the first time!). On the flight on 21 October (i.e. when still 2 cannon) which is the report here it is actually described as armed recce and shows drop tank, 2 bombs, cannon and machine gun!
  6. On a bombing test on 21 October the Vcs have 2 250lb bombs each but that does not seem to be repeated on subsequent ops.
  7. I cannot find any reference to 4 cannon aircraft before 25 November. All of the Spitfires go to Malta on 2 Nov for fitting the second cannon. When this is first mooted it suggests that the machine guns will be removed but fighter operations with the 4 cannon still carry machine guns rounds.
  8. The addition of the cannon to the 2 SAAF Vc was done in Malta during Novmber 1943. The day after their return the ORB quotes for 26 Nov 1943 "As this squadron was the first in the wing to do dive-bombing with Spitfires an aircraft was sent out today by the Photographic Unit to take photographs of the squadron whilst dive-bombing." I wonder if this is when the photos here were taken. 2 SAAF describe the Spitfire as "most unsuitable as a dive-bomber ... and would prefer the old Kittyhawk"! The bomb racks are put on an off when needed. On ops it looks like they only use a single GP250lb p
  9. I'm still digging around SAAF record books and it is fascinating. It's going to help with modelling but the historic research is very rewarding. JL174 was not 2 SAAF. Google takes a journey to the Guinea Pig club and suggests the pilot was Freeman Strickland (Obituary) who was intially admitted to SSQ, Sicily. No.2 MFH, Catania, Sicily. Then No.1 General Hospital, Tunis (10/10/43). RAF Hospital Wroughton (29/12/43) to East Grinstead. The Museum there remarks that he crashed on take off in a Spitfire, struck by returning aircraft and suffered burns to face and arms. He was in a RAAF squadro
  10. In response to the thread amazing-resource-of-private-ww2-aircraft-photos-saaf-check-it-out I did some reading on the subject of the SHF IXs, especially of the Operation Record Books at the National Archives. I looked at records for 41, 91 and 213 RAF and 9, 10, 11 and 41 SAAF. I have restricted comments here to modelling but would heartily recommend reading the ORBs for details of the running of squadrons during a fairly dull period. There is discussion here as well. There are 6 SHFs and this is referenced in 41's ORB for April when they get excited about being allocated 2 SHFs
  11. Thank you for this. Just before I saw your message I came to the same result. By the simple path of remembering that the serials for the RAF pair came from a set of high altitude spitfire decals and the SAAF pair are on there! I don’t consider the time wasted as the ORBs are great reading. 10 squadron did almost no operational flying so the ORB is full of camp detail that provides a great companion to the photos and includes the squadron newsletters that inject quite a few lighter moments. Another feature is they have daily status reports that clearly distinguish the SHF from the
  12. This kept me distracted for some hours today. I saw a photo of the pair some time ago and it never occurred to me why there were two of them. Even though I have recently modelled the RAF equivalent V/VI pair! So I thought I would look up serial numbers for the SAAF and by the time I have read the ORBs for 9 and 10 squadron hours slipped by... I still don't have a definitive answer!
  13. According to allspitfirepilots this should be AB929. I've found the picture of BL818 and added it to my todo list, which is getting longer by the day...
  14. Presumably this one: Ebay link . It is not much like Dark Earth!
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