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  1. Of the three V bombers the Valiant was always my favourite. The Vulcan was pretty cool and I got to see one in Goose many years ago. In fact XL361 is still on display there right beside Vulcan road. I always though the Victor was very futuristic looking and thought it quite fitting as an experimental aeroplane in the movie Iron Maiden. I will have to keep my eye open for another Welsh models 1/144 Valiant. Had one years ago but traded to someone who at the time wanted it more than I. cheers, Graham
  2. Adam, I sympathize. I can too easily get lost down bunny holes. The more I research the fussier I get. Analysis paralysis. In the end it is all good as long as you learn to control and not let it control you. cheers, Graham
  3. That is a trick an old tool maker taught me many (many) years ago. Apparently the chalk used by railroads for marking cars and such was better than todays common garden variety dollar store chalk but I have never been able to find out what the difference was or ever find any real railroad chalk to try. Another trick was to use the same cutting oil on your files as you would use for other metal machining tasks but I think you would want to keep that oil away from your plastic or resin parts and once the file is soaked in oil it was best left that way. Another trick I use is to use p
  4. That was a very good description of "how to" soldering white metal kits. Most of my experience is in soldering electronic devices including hand soldering SMD parts as small as 0402 and of course much brass bits for model making. I have never assembled a white metal kit of any sort but now I am looking around for something so that I give it a go. If I was to add anything it would be be that 90% of the job is preparation - clean, clean, and don't skimp on the flux. A couple of links that some may find of interest. They may be a bit dated and electronic component oriente
  5. Fairey FD.1 Saturday SITREP ... Had some time to spend in the workshop today and got a little further on with the Fairey FD.1 After a couple of days of fussing I finally had a simple jig set up which was repeatable and not overly difficult to set up. Using my make do surface plate comprised of a 5/8" thick piece of glass, wings taped to a couple of 123 blocks and carefully aligned using a Starrett surface gauge, fuselage sat atop a piece of packing foam carefully shaped and shimmed with strategically placed card stock and using a Moore & Wright 5 inch square everyt
  6. my thoughts exactly. I am looking forward to the less than a tenner group build so that I can indulge in just making something simpler. cheers, Graham
  7. I have used variety of paints to represent clear doped linen including your choices and Tamiya Deck tan and a few others. Lately I have been using Liquitex soft body acrylics. These brush nicely and can be reduced using Liquitex airbrush medium to thin them out for brushing or airbrushing. A 59ml bottle goes a long way. The colour of choice I have been trying is called Parchment and to my eye is pretty close. Of course a wee bit of white or brown or grey and adjust to liking. https://www.liquitex.com/us/products/professional/colors/soft-body-acrylic/ cheers, Graham
  8. I've been experimenting with UV resins for some time. The one I have been using is a product by Solarez https://www.solarez.com/ They have thick hard, thin hard, and flexible types among a wide variety of other products. The thin hard can also be mixed with acrylic powder to make a paste which works well for gap filling and filleting. But then again, slow cure CA is also suitable. Very interesting thing these UV resin's. The beauty industry uses them on finger nails for nail art and that sort of thing. Also popular with fishermen who make their own lures,
  9. The past dozen days or so has seen the continuation of cleaning up of the pour stubs on the resin pieces and careful test fitting of pieces together. But all was not without fraught. As I continued work at cleaning up the individual pieces it became clear that there seems as though some parts of the kit were cast in one type of resin and some in another. Very close in colour but texture is different; one is softer and more porous and grainy and the other a bit harder and far less porous and grainy. If you look closely at the picture of kit of parts you may see a slight difference i
  10. Very interesting. I had never considered sunscreen to have this sort of property but apparently it is quite common. Likely caused by the sunscreen containing polyethylene glycol otherwise referred to as PEG PEG is an interesting chemical and is found in many products including laxatives, personal lubricants, wood preservatives, paintballs, and even rocket fuel. For a quick summary: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyethylene_glycol Learn something new every day. cheers, Graham
  11. No need to apologize; it is all good and all interesting. I have found your builds and "lectures" to be most interesting. I used to build a lot of armour kits but British types were not my focus. Even so, perhaps my view point was already a bit biased. Cheers, Graham
  12. Wax pencils work well for this or you can make your own with a bit of bee's wax and a toothpick or bamboo skewer suitably shaped. Melt the bee's wax and dip the pointy end of your chosen instrument into the wax to build up a small layer of wax. Wax pencils can be had a your finer hobby emporium or you can check ebay or amazon, for example: https://www.amazon.com/Adhesive-Rhinestones-Picker-Pencil-Crystal/dp/B06XK3CBGB/ref=sr_1_6 Used in the beauty industry for nail art and sometimes called rhinestone pickers. cheers, Graham
  13. Sunday SITREP on Fairey FD.1 ... I have managed to remove the casting blocks from the larger pieces and have cleaned up the fuselage pieces and cockpit tub and have a nice fit. I am waiting on some CA glue and micro tips before I can start any glue up of the parts however. Along the back edge of the cutting mat are the bits and pieces I have been casting over the past couple of days. Some generic WW1 type wheels in 1/48 scale, some generic MiG wheels in 1/72 scale and the new seat and wheels for the Fairey. Also done is the making of a couple of silicone mo
  14. Thank you kindly for the offer Pete. Wiki is good enough and I have managed to find a dozen and a half good reference photos and a 3 view. Every time I go trawling the net I seem to find another picture that I have not yet seen. cheers, Graham
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