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  1. Tamiya has an interesting channel on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP473EgItPsN4sROLBNq24g where you will find this interesting video which shows some techniques of using some of the various Tamiya adhesive offerings. It is in Japanese but you can turn on closed captioning and under settings set auto translate to English or whatever you prefer. I found some good tips from watching this. cheers, Graham
  2. And, according to the label, the Tamiya ( white cap ) cement contains dissolved styrene and is quite a bit thicker than the extra thin types. Tamiya also has an ABS cement in the same size bottle but with a blue cap and is also suitable for styrene and is a bit more thicker than the Tamiye regular ( white cap ) cement. This thread got me to thinking about "the good old days". Many years ago I was lucky enough have Testor's liquid cement in the one ounce bottle with brush. If I was really lucky I might have been able to get a bottle Tenax 7R. That was about it.
  3. Evening all, Screen name is my name with a couple of extra letters added to make it distinct. Being Britmodeller there seems to be a lot of other Graham's on here. Avatar is from a favourite cartoon when I was a wee lad - Roger Ramjet, he's our man; hero of our nation ... https://www.google.com/search?q=roger+ramjet cheers, Graham
  4. What an unfortunate turn of events. I wonder if it has something to do with UPS? Here ( in Canada ) many who buy out of country ( i.e. USA ) simply refuse to use UPS due to their extremely high charges for having them clear customs for your parcel. Other couriers such as FedEx are much more reasonable but I can't comment on Purolator or DHL. It seems that I am always reading posts on various posts about this or that courier charging very high rates for customs brokerage and it seems what courier is being complained about varies from region to region. I on
  5. Dennis, Welcome, good to see another Canadian on the forum. cheers, Graham near Ottawa
  6. I had a look at the bottles of copper and brass that I have on hand and my observations are much the same yours - there seems to be much less of the copper and brass pigment in suspension and only wee bit lying on the bottom of the bottle. I too suspect that something is amiss with these two. cheers, Graham
  7. I meant to post this link with my last post but forgot: https://sites.google.com/site/donsairbrushtips/home Don's Airbrush Tips Lots of good down to earth information from a long time model builder. cheers, Graham
  8. I like the AK Extreme metal paints. From time to time I brush paint using the aluminum, burnt metal, steel, and gunmetal colours BUT the copper and brass just do not cover whether I brush or spray them on. I don't know what is different with the copper and brass colours but I just can't get them to work the same as the others. As an experiment I was going to give a bottle a good shake and put a bit in a small holding cup and let some of the solvents evaporate, keeping an eye on volume, to see if I get a thicker version which while cover better. In the mean time, I have
  9. In all my years I had never stumbled across this story. http://www.vintagewings.ca/VintageNews/Stories/tabid/116/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/285/The-Breaking-Point--Canadian-MiGs-test-American-friendship--2011-APRIL-FOOLS-HOAX.aspx The link kind of spoils the tale but it is very well done and makes for an interesting "what if" read. I wonder if anyone ever made decals? cheers, Graham
  10. Years ago I spent much time fussing over tip size for my Paasche VL airbrush, so much so that I sometimes felt I was spending more time fussing and fighting with the airbrush that I was building and painting models. I had somehow convinced myself that I absolutely need to use the fine tip and needle ( #1 in Paasche speak ) in order to get fine lines and detail. One day it dawned on me that it really wasn't the tip size that let me paint fine lines details but rather it was how close the tip of the airbrush was to what I was painting and fine paint flow control by contr
  11. Unfortunate indeed. Another vote for paper / card models. Lots of choice, variety, and some very active online forums as well. Some of these guys and gals seem to be just as fussy over their choices and builds as any I have seen here. This forum example: http://www.papermodelers.com/forum/ Inexpensive source: http://www.fiddlersgreen.net/ Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Cheers, Graham
  12. I was working away just this morning at filing and sanding some small bits using the aforementioned idea using a pin vise to hold the part. Everything proceeded nicely and just as I was finishing my fettling I reached for a number 2 exacto knife ( not really an Exacto but rather an inexpensive Chinese version ) and had a light bulb moment. One of these dead common exacto or similar hobby knives could also be seconded and used as a tiny vise for holding tiny bits while being worked on. Genuine Exacto handles typically have a single slot whereas other brands and copies are often cros
  13. that is a very good idea, never tried it for non round parts however but I do similar for round bits. I have one of these which I find invaluable to working on small bits: http://redroosteruk.com/wire-twisting-hollow-hand-vice-steel-4-small-part-wires-craft-wooden-wood-handle/ This one is similar but a bit smaller: http://redroosteruk.com/hand-vice-steel-for-small-parts-under-2mm-diameter/ Something else I find handy is to use CA and glue the small bit to a piece of scrap plastic that is larger and easier to handle. I can then easily drill, file,
  14. Good afternoon Jan, The de Havilland Beaver is one of my all time favourite aircraft. I have flown in these types many times all over the Northern areas of Canada as well as it's larger sibling the de Havilland Otter and Twin Otter. There is also a turbo prop conversion for the Beaver which were primarily operated by some Provincial government agencies, in particular the Ministry of Natural Resources in Ontario painted in an overall yellow with black trim and where operated on wheels often with skies, amphibious floats, or straight floats depending on the season. My un
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