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  1. Is the Revell one still slated for next month? One site I've seen is taking deposits but showing delivery as September!
  2. Yeah have watched those videos on the Monogram build. The decals do look good. Never realised the underside was so grey! I like how he replicates the thermal blankets as well. Good point about scrubbing the raised detail on the Revel one, undoubtedly quicker than trying to keep it all intact while removing seams. Can't find any further details on the Revell re-release for this March though, is it definite?
  3. Have had a look at a review video of the Revel one on YouTube and it has the tile details as raised lines, which raises concerns for me as to how I would deal with getting rid of glue seams without damaging that detailing. I think the Monogram one would be the better bet but as stated earlier in the thread it's likely to be the Revel tooling that's rereleased.
  4. Ew the reissue sounds interesting! Might explain why there are quite a few on ebay at the moment (albeit at fairly silly money for most). Not sure whether to hang on or try and grab one now. Would love a full stack one but they are out of my price range. Will investigate the hinge thing as there seem to be more revell ones than monogram, don't want the doors to open so if the revell one can be made to look more scale regarding hinges that's a definite consideration.
  5. I had the Monogram challenger back in the late 70s early 80s and as I was quite young made a right mess of it. I do remember the cargo bay hinges being particularly fragile though so that ties up nicely with above. I'm looking at trying to get another one to make a better job of it but they seem to be so expensive on the 2nd hand market
  6. Hi, Does anyone know whether the Monogram offering from the mid 80s is the same one as from the late 70s? Albeit with possibly different payload. I'm assuming it is but thought I would check you guys as you are far more knowledgeable than me! Thanks Ed
  7. Thanks all, much appreciated. I'm eased with them given the limited time I have to build them. Just noticed that I said Tamiya Mosquito though when it is actually a Revell one! I have the 1/24 Airfix Mossie in the stash but don't feel my skills are ready to do it justice yet. Fit wise I'm hoping it's a significant improvement on the Spitfire I'm currently doing!
  8. Next I wanted to fit the upper wing surfaces, but the fit of the ailerons was truly horrific! I ended up fitting sheet styrene to both the ailerons themselves and the recesses in the wings. Careful sanding and filling required as the glue areas are small. I also fitted the blisters to the upper wing surfaces, relatively straight forward after the ailerons! Finally, getting the wings together, aileron fit much better now, though still not perfect I elected to have the undercarriage locked down for a couple of reasons, firstly the fit of the uc legs into their pivot points was again shocking and secondly the fit of the covers was also awful. An example of the flash on the undercarriage legs, the moulds really have seen better days! One thing that I did want to address was that the wheel wells were cometely open. I fashioned walls from thin styrene sheet The tail feathers were thankfully straight forward, requiring minimal work to look OK, so then it was on to pre-shading. Underside done ready for gloss, decals and further weathering Top side camo going on... And there's where I am up to! It's been a real voyage of discovery and I will be glad to see it finished to be honest!
  9. Well having built up a bit of confidence doing 1/72 and 1/48 models over the last 3 years or so I finally plucked up the courage to have a go at one of the two 1/24 spitfires I have in the stash. I've got fond memories of building a couple as a young lad back in the 70s and was really looki g forward to doing a good Jo on one now. Little did I know that the moulds are really showing their age! Some of the fit is truly shocking and it's been a real trial to get to where I am now with it. A couple of times I've left it for several months while I muster up the resolve to crack on again. It's nearly there now, and not looking too bad all things considered but I would love them to do a new tooling and do this lovely aircraft justice. Flashtastic... I should have smelt a rat as soon as I opened the bag! The cockpit actually went together OK and the instrument panel quite nice. I added a blob of pva to each instrument in an attempt to make it look like there is glass. The pilot however was a bit of a problem, quite a lot of fettling needed to smooth the seams where the arms join the body. The pilot himself is OK, as far as my standards go anyway! The fuselage halves were not too bad, though a fair amount of sanding and filling in some areas. The fuel filler area being a particular problem as any issues here will be very visible! The wings were next, I elected to deviate from the plans a bit here and only fit the lower half of the wings. This would enable me to jiggle the fit of the top halves later to get the fit nice and the gap as small as possible to the fuselage while keeping an eye on the dihedral! The rear of the wings underside was a real problem, multiple sessions of filling and sanding to get to this point! I built the engine but when I tried fitting it... Well it just didn't fit! I needed to fit it though as it holds the prop on, so lots of hacking of the ancillary components to allow the various cowls to fit. Even then there were a number of gaps which would need to be sorted out. More filler!
  10. After that I tackled a 1/48 Sepecat Jaguar by Revell. An aircraft I wanted to join the RAF to fly as a boy. My first foray in to aftermarket resin as part of the ejector seat was missing out of the box. The fit of some of the parts was pretty rubbish but overall I'm happy with the final result And last one for now, a 1/72 airfix Sea King. This one went together really nicely, would like to do another in Royal Navy colours. Currently working on a 1/24 Airfix Spitfire Mk Vb. Not nice!! But that's for another post Thanks Ed
  11. Hi, Recently joined the forum and thought I would post a few photos of the builds I have done over the last 2 to 3 years since restarting in the hobby. First off, my 1/48 Tamiya Mosquito, my first attempt at a model in many years and the first time using an airbrush and acrylic paints. Then there is my 1/48 Revell Mk IX Spitfire An improvement on the Mosquito as I honed my techniques a bit
  12. Hello everyone! Been lurking for a couple of days now so thought it was time to introduce myself. Been modelling of a fashion on and off since a small boy but only the last couple of years or so have I had things like an airbrush and the joy of acrylic paints. I'll post some photos of finished models in the appropriate sub forum. Currently coming towards the end of a 1/24 airfix mk vb Spitfire. I thought I had tackled some challenging kits before but this thing is an absolute dog! Shame really as I have some fond memories of building a couple as a young lad back in the 70s. The moulds are definitely showing their age! Thanks Ed
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