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  1. Lovely finish on that P-38 Great job!
  2. Lovely subtle variations in the paint work, first class job
  3. Very helpful - thanks a lot! Patrick
  4. Hi forum-experts, I was wondering whether I can add a tag to a topic that I posted (sometime) earlier - and particularly whether that topic than gets re-listed on top of the posts in the specific forum that I posted it earlier? As a “brand new” topic? … or is it just edited without such re-listing? Thanks for any feedback! Cheers, Patrick
  5. Yes, indeed Werner - f-16.net’s database shows a picture of this particular aircraft in aggressor markings with WP during summer 2007, a few months prior to transfer to AK (in 2008). Thanks and regards, Patrick
  6. Hello all, Here is my "Korean Wolf": a USAF 8th FW F-16D Block 30 aircraft, operating from Kunsan AB (South Korea), seen in its October 2007 livery. This aircraft was scheduled to being transferred to the 18th FS aggressor unit early 2008 and carried the Blue Flanker scheme - in combination with the Kunsan WP tail code - in the few months prior to its actual transfer. Being a Block 40 aircraft, the Kinetic kit comes with the correct bigmouth engine intake and exhaust for this particular type. Also the appropriate front nose panel without antennae is included in the kit. As I had a Black Box cockpit in my stash (for a Block 40 aircraft though and designed for Hasegawa), I thought I'd try that here: … well, it does fit in, but only with quite some work ... I backdated the kit into a Block 30 version, by some simple modifications: Removing the backseater's HUD and adding the top handle Sanding down the kit’s bulged MLG doors and replacing the MLG wheels with earlier (smaller) versions from Tamiya’s F-16C; I also scratched the landing lights to the MLG struts Removing some detail from the inside nose gear door (i.e. no landing light) Adding stiffening plates on the wings/fuselage joints (Astra Decals vinyl) and RAM panels on the nose (cut from Astra vinyl leftovers) Nothing too complicated really - and making it sufficiently matching the aircraft I was building. The kit builds up reasonably well - serious fit problems though around the nose and intake areas, where several places needed some plastic strips between panels and quite some filler, sanding and rescribing work: the fit in these areas is really not good, but I think I got it looking right in the end. Camo colours are Gunze (grey) and Vallejo for the two blue tones (both tweaked to better match pictures of Blue Flanker vipers), with Alclad for the exhaust area. The very nice "Blue Bandit" decals are from a TwoBobs decal sheet. Weathering with oils, taking this reference picture of airframe 87-0378 on f-16.net's database as inspiration: https://www.f-16.net/g3/f-16-photos/album38/album69/87-0378_001 As for the load-out: the AIM-9 is from the kit, the CATM is a modified AIM-9 from the spare box, the ACMI pod is from Hasegawa and the AN/ALQ-188 jamming pod is a Wolfpack resin item. Final touches are droptanks and pitot tube from the Tamiya kit as they appeared to be more refined than the Kinetic ones. Comments always welcome ... and thanks for looking! All the best, Patrick
  7. Really nice work! I particularly like the painted on markings. Canopy window sealing is also very neat: did you use decals for these? Patrick
  8. Interesting subject Pete. Great finish and the distinctive air brakes look tip-top
  9. Thank you all again for the kind words! Very true - I also thought the raised detail suits this particular aircraft type very well. I have a couple of brand new KP Mig-19s in the stash, we’ll see how that compares! Thanks again mate! Patrick
  10. Hello all, These vintage Heller kits date back to the mid '70s and are known for several shape issues of which I corrected (only) a few. The bulges on the tail fin and horizontal stabilizers were flattened. The cockpits were completely scratch-built as the kit is pretty much devoid of anything. Same for the nose gear wells. The ejection seat in the J-6 is homemade, with a Pavla resin MB seat being used in the F-6. The Heller kit builds into a long-nosed Mig-19PM, so I shortened both noses by some 2 mm and reshaped the intakes using Milliput and styrene strip to better resemble the overall Mig-19S / J-6 profile: not perfect, but close enough too my eyes. The distinctive guns are also absent in the kit: I added some Master gun barrels (the pitot tubes come from the same set). The parachute housing and AIM-9B sidewinder pylons on the PAF aircraft were scratch-built also. Final touches are Reskit resin wheels and the smaller scratch-built fins/actuators on the wings. I used Printscale decals for both aircraft. The PLAAF roundels are from the spares box though, as the Printscale ones are way too large. Paints are Gunze/Tamiya acrylics; weathering was done with oils. Thanks for viewing - comments always welcome! Patrick
  11. Wow Martin, impressive and neat job!! Great finish How is the Trumpeter kit to build? Thanks and regards, Patrick
  12. Nice job on that CA kit, Erik - great finish!! Regards, Patrick
  13. Excellent paint job and finishing: great model!
  14. Really great finish - very subtle weathering effects!!
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