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  1. Another good source of reference about 349 Squadron Spitfire Mk Vb: https://www.raf-in-combat.com/downloads/squadrons-no-30-the-supermarine-spitfire-mk-v-the-belgian-and-dutch-squadrons/
  2. I like the way how you enhanced the Academy kit with the antennas and the guns. You invested a lot of care and effort in order to create this highly accurate Ventura. As I have said before, I am always impressed by the way how you research and build your projects Tony.
  3. What a great build! The Mk 21 looks impressive in a natural metal scheme. I also love the other Aussie Beaufighter of your collection. They from up a nice formation!
  4. I like that you also cover the lesser known aircraft types Tony. This Lodestar is a real beauty!
  5. I like all of them. They look fantastic. You build a nicely detailed diorama!
  6. Each of these models look impressive Russ. You assembeled an interesting collection of planes that flew in a conflict that tends to be forgotten.
  7. It is always nice to see one of your masterpieces Russ. This USMC Crusader is really a perfect build.
  8. This is indeed a perfect PR XIX! The Fujimi kit needs a lot of rework on the wing undersurface in order to create an accurate PR XIX. Your really did a perfect job with the rescirbing and modification of the panel lines.
  9. I can only agree with the previous posts. When it comes to a decent 1/72 F4U-1 Tamiya is in the pole position. I also considered buying the Revell Kit some time ago but I shied away from it for several reasons, First, the rather complicated engineering that clearly results in some fit issues. Secondly, there are some other accuracy issues. The Revell FAA Corsair is depicted on the box with post war USN drop tanks which are included in the kit. So they just put the same sprue into their FAA box like in their F4U-4 box. Revell´s 1/72 F4U-4 has the right wing tanks but it turns me off that for so
  10. You have done a perfect restauration job Tony! I know it is way more difficult to restore a model rather than building a new one from scratch.
  11. A beautiful model of a post war Avenger and a very interesting story about its use by the RNZAF. I like the way how you are researching all your projects Tony.
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