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  1. Hello Mr B17, Thank you for your post. I'll probably used them in that case Karl
  2. Hello Scooby! Actually the Argonaut decals from Belcher Bits were printed by Canuck Models, not by Microscale has he usually does. That might explain de quality problems on these decals. Does anyone has experience with Canuck Models decals (especially with the decals for the CC-130 reference CMP 72 010)? Stay safe. Karl
  3. Things are getting back in place. I finally had an answer to my email. Something went wrong with the shipping company, the parcel is now in its way to France. Good news and hope for the best Be safe. Karl
  4. Hello everyone, I placed an order on Hannants, website beginning of November. Just before that, I updated my new address here in France. The address stated on the order overview on Hannants' website is correct. But somehow they mixed up the street of my new address with the town of my previous address in Belgium when sending the information to DPD. No need to say that the parcel is now lost somewhere between Mars and Venus ... In the meantime, I tried several times to contact Hannants by email (as they are not picking up the phone anymore). Of course, none of my em
  5. Goedemorgen Jan, Thank you for the pic. It's indeed the same painting scheme and airframe # I'm looking for but with the wrong markings. Thank you MrB17! Very interesting stories about the plane. I think doing the 313 airframe with these "Canadian Armed Forces" / "Forces Armées Canadiennes" shoudln't be unrealistic then. I didn't think about checking Belcher Bits website, thank you for the tip. I would still be very cautious with their decals, I had a lot of problems with the North Star decals, they were extremely fragile and very difficult to handle. All the best,
  6. Hello everyone, In 2017 I visited the National Air Force Museum of Canada in Trenton and had the pleasure to sit in the C-130 cockpit on display. I was wondering if C-130 RCAF tail #130313 was ever painted in finish scheme 52753B with white upper cabin and tail and aluminium lower cabin and wings together with markings "Canadian Armed Forces" on the left side and "Forces Armées Canadiennes" on the right side? If so, does any one of you have pictures of this tail number in this particular paint scheme? I can't find any, neither on internet or books. Thank you very much for y
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