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  1. In 1/76 with a detachable end it could double up with Airfix 88’s and with the end open a kennel for the dog. Now that’s a talking point
  2. I think Bob is having a dig from left field at the style of ZM kits where oh so much detail and work into the internal structure gets closed up and lost to view. I get his point if I understand him correctly If the dimensions and shapes were 100% right and if it was bang on and half the usual ZM price without the invisible internals then maybe I’d go for one but as I have plenty 109’s and 190’s already I’m really not tempted otherwise. I have bought ZM kits but for models of types not otherwise available at the time of manufacture eg the HE 219
  3. Reskit do them. They look the part too though I'm not Jaguar wheels expert. Often up on that well known international auction site fleabay
  4. Well at least we got the wheels and decals. I hope he does get around to it eventually as i have his Vulcan and Bucc waiting to get done and a Jaguar would like nice too eventually.
  5. I was just pleased to see any Sea King still flying. I thought they were all out of service and is it a “warbird” I wonder
  6. On plot holes I saw a police officer conduct a search of the deceased’s property in his flat. On her own. Thereby not having any corroboration for any evidence found and inadmissible in a criminal trial. Scottish cops always go in pairs. (Often in evenlarger numbers to certain areas in Glasgow) Made me wonder about only one going on the boat too but if she was always accompanied by someone RN that would probably do. Nice Yellow Sea King though
  7. Two come readily to mind 1 1/32 Jaguar decal sheets and resin wheel upgrades 2 1/32 Liberator decal sheets for the D model in RAF/ Polish markings but most options on the sheet have the Boulton Paul 0.303 4 gun turret and not the kit turret I bet there are other oddities Or do some folk know more than they are letting on?????
  8. And now you’d better make that x2. I’ve got that one too to fix. Also got the Pacific Models kit. Does that need a new nose job as well perchance?
  9. Dear Max Headroom obviously the answer to your question is that the video clip is to demonstrate the lack of headroom on the Enterprise. As I recall the film censor was worried about the amount of headroom bonking on the movie but let it go anyway Chin Chin JohnT
  10. My understanding- no doubt imperfect as usual - is that the monitors are checking for particles in the air from smoke. So normal modelling shouldn’t set them off. If spraying or working with resin there are other health issues though Its still a good idea to upgrade or install from new Also landlords letting out property have to have them interlinked and hardwired in to stop tenants removing batteries !
  11. Great modelling on a great subject. Have you read the late Paddy Ashdowns book on Operation Frankton? If not treat yourself to a copy. The anecdote Ashdown tells against himself in relation to Hassler is priceless
  12. Greg you missed out one more thing from the list - that's I'd end up buying 1 Royal Navy scheme 2 111 Sqn camo scheme 3 111 Sqn Grey scheme 4 43 Sqn Camo scheme 5 43 Sqn special commemorative checker/ grey scheme I'd not do Black Mike as that's a bit overdone..........................................................................all right 6 I'd do Black Mike too
  13. I doubt they will go on to make a Spey engined Phantom partly because the back end requires new tooling of the moulds and partly because it never flew wearing stars and bars hence it being of much reduced interest to the main US market. I think we need to pin our hopes on the development of one by HK which announced oh so long ago is either stalled or proceeding to plastic ever so slowly Given the supposed demand by enthusiasts it might have been worth a limited run high end kit done by some form of crowdfunding here in the UK but the spectre of the HK kit rather removes the traction from that idea - at least to some degree. Returning to topic it’s great that such innovative marketing is going on and Sprue Bros are to be applauded. Let’s hope they find a UK distributor
  14. That's true but I think only to a certain extent. Thinking back to when I was in my early modelling period at the age of 10-13 I could spot a kit that was already old mould and getting past it by the early 1960's. Think early Merit with moulded on lines for decals or say the early Airfix Me 110 or Stuka with pegs for pilot to sit on. But then at the same time one could buy other kits that were more state of the art for that time ( mostly with moving parts gimmicks/features). Even then I could make an assessment that say currently new late 1960's Airfix were much better kits than older Airfix or Lindberg stuff where you were lucky to get 2 fuselage halves and wings ! If Airfix and others didn't upgrade their product lines eventually even younger buyers would go for other brands that did. I suspect kids are more discerning buyers than we think. PS I recall my then 8 year old slagging off some electronic games and having quite an insight as to which games were worth him (I mean me !) buying or not.
  15. And the application of some old fashioned modelling which is the real fun part imho
  16. I don’t disagree with anything said above but got to wondering a philosophical point over morning coffee while reading. Imagine a Wingnut Wings company on steroids actually produce the perfect kit. Impossible I know but as I said it’s philosophical. So it arrives. It comes with all the correct paints too and an infinite decal sheet. I mean that you just say what machine you want and the right decals magically appear. The fit is perfect. It falls together. No one can find a single problem or fault. Even a seven year old produces a competition winner! Now 1 does that still mean we are “modellers” or just assemblers? and 2. Where is the fun in that “Britassembler” ????? Nah
  17. Unless it’s the OCD Typhoon. I started one but could never get the detailing finished
  18. you’d better come through on that now and post the video for us to have a laugh 1/32 Beaufighter TFX in planning and on their project list over at Infiniti Models. Have a look at their Helldiver and you might get an idea of what to expect but I guess it won’t show till late 2022 poss even 2023? Meantime I’m happy to await developments at this new company and wish them every success. The more gaps in the hobby filled the better
  19. Mike posted I was a cheeky rapscallion once. I really liked the inference of youth in that accusation despite that element of the description being somewhat lacking in accuracy.
  20. Just remember that the new Highway Code is travelling in the direction of making car drivers automatically liable in all accidents for injury to more “vulnerable” road users unless they can prove it wasn’t really their fault. Case study example:- The “idiot” learner driver and instructor who were stopped discussing the lesson when this happened Just sayin Moral:- buy 360 degree video camera for car
  21. Great story with a brilliant outcome Have to say this story has made my week. In a few paragraphs it summarises what you lot out there are all about. to monster each and every BM’er
  22. to Rob indeed. Top chap
  23. Er not quite. Having spoken with Tim we are really still not sure if Airfix got the colours wrong on their decal sheet. Almost all the stencils are in anti flash “pink”. I’m sure you are right there and that certainly makes sense but then Airfix have presumably boobed and replacement stencils might be called for? Or are Airfix right after all despite what we might think?? I am guessing they have some reason to colour print they way they have. It would be nice to see a specification or order for paint or even a colour photo confirming it one way or the other
  24. To be fair if I had his money and my cooking skills I’d hire a chef too. Luckily Mrs T loves to cook and is very good at it. Getting guests to come for dinner is never a problem
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