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  1. A fantastic work an really instructive. Like Bandsaw Steve it's good for soul Thanks to share
  2. It's completely crazy but so beautiful, it seem to be real car
  3. Hi Olivier, Very bad news codolences to you and your family, may your brother rest in peace I wish you a lot of courage for this hard moments. Cheers
  4. A very stange plane the TSR 2 but I love it, good work Some personnal pics if it can help
  5. Great work on this Aardvark, looks good not an easy task to have a realistic plane. Good luck for your Orycteropus afer
  6. Hi everybody, I wish to share with you some pics of the Normandy Beach Race at Ouistreham with some crazy cars. Many thanks to people of all country who came to this fun race, Belgium, Netherland, UK, USA... Chevrolet Fleetline Ford 28 Ford 34 Ford 37 T Bucket...Clyde and Bonnie Punk not dead, so fun his helmet; sorry for the car I don't konw the brand
  7. Hi, Fine and realistic work on your tractor and the trolley, you're right to rebuild/redo and improve some parts. Impressive diorama
  8. It's always a pleasure to see how you work and the result, with your pics and explanations it seems sot easy, virtual making are always simple and easy but in real life it's not the case Great work and very realistic on the intake and the "souris"
  9. Hi, It's feel good to you to see you back to the workbench, condolences for this hard moment. 4 Tempest , a pleasure to see vour work
  10. Interesting project, scene and story, thanks to share
  11. It seems to begin well, interesting to see all the figures. You paint one after one or many in "the same time", please ?
  12. Hi Saw at Porcheville Renault 4CV Mustang Cabriolet 66 Morris Minor Corvette C3
  13. Hello, This is a bust of Iron Man from Knight Models, with some transformation inspired mainly by Flash. Cheers
  14. Hi Many thanks for the pics particurlaly the AM DB4 GT
  15. A crazy work on this wheels/rims but so realistic, very interesting.
  16. Good work on this mythical car and your engine is a nice piece. Fine result on the interior, great.
  17. I like the color of the hair, an expressive work on this bust give it life
  18. An impressive realistic work of craftman, beautiful
  19. Saw at Mazeres Camaro 78 Citroen 11 Legere Mini Cooper 1300
  20. An impressive work of mecanic, painting and many other qualities. Beautiful Alfa Romeo
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