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  1. I had previously never heard of this, what a beautiful little aeroplane. Beautiful modelling too.
  2. So good, it looks like a 3D digital rendering on a screen.
  3. Oh! I see from your tag you're in Felixtowe, lovely part of the world. A large proportion of my family currently live in and around Felixstowe and Ipswich. Small world
  4. Hello and thanks for allowing me to join this esteemed company. I’m an old git (46) coming back to modelling after a brief 30 year hiatus. I decided to have another go, a I needed a break from painting wargaming minis and thought a nice easy weekend build would be relaxing... So I found a 1/72 Hasegawa Royal Navy Phantom in a cupboard and discovered the kit is old, possibly older than me, and it’s a dog... terrible flash, huge gaps, one half of the fuselage is slightly bigger than the other all round, the cockpit has zero detail, and I think the aircrew were originally sculpted from chewing gum . I’ll finish it as practice and then buy something shiny and new to build!
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