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  1. Yes, you did well to remove that chrome. I find the result really better. Edit: Ah ah ah, I didn't see that I was very late in answering, but it doesn't matter.
  2. Hello Before I post you the pictures of my car that I consider finished for the moment, a little wink. When you start such a project without knowing how to do it, you can only progress. So I have made and redone...some parts. As the months go by, what is interesting is that you think differently to do certain things. For example, I see that now to make certain pieces, I tell myself that I'm going to do them with the lathe, whereas 10 months ago I wouldn't even have thought about it. After a while you also have to know how to say stop, otherwise you would never finish what you started
  3. Good evening As much as I know the milliput, which is widely used for figurine work, I don't know the PET (trademark?), but what is it? Thank you
  4. Hello Pascal Your work is always so clean and meticulous. What do I like about the Formula 1s of that time...the other day I came across a photo of the Matra ms11...and the idea starts to trouble my mind to do it in scratch with 1/8 (or 1/6 like my Fiat) !!! Manu
  5. Hello It's simply beautiful. Your paintings and patinas are superb, your dioramas extremely vivid. Keeping the same frame for everyone is a great idea. I think it's a flawless one. What exceptional work.
  6. I was imprecise, it's the left meter, the black is not intense, but it's a detail . Thanks for your message ;o)
  7. I wish you all the best for this new year, full of beautiful and good things. The dashboard is normally located in the space between the bodywork and the air deflector made for the driver. As I will be presenting the car initially without the bodywork, I made a rod that clips onto the roll bar. I will be able to easily undo it and position it in its housing later on. A wallpaper is poorly printed, I ran out of ink. It will be redone later. Thank you
  8. Hello My dad made this model a few months ago. He loves this brand and we offer it to him regularly. This locomotive is one of his favourites. I don't know if you know this brand, but the quality is excellent, the precision of the parts is perfect...You'll see, it's remarkable at the mechanism level (bravo to the people who design this). Manu
  9. Hello Pascal It is superb. Nice plaque. Your creations are magnificent.
  10. Hello Manufacture of the dashboard. Contour of the screens with a recessed part to place the "glass" so that its contour is not visible.
  11. Hello Olivier Funny idea to think that. Not at all. Don't ever think such things again ;o) By the way, I didn't tell you, I took the opportunity to repaint the engine with a colour that suits it much better when I replaced the screws, as everything was dismantled. You had suggested it to me and as for Dan, I followed your good advice ;o)) Let's go back to our models, and don't just blah blah blah . Thank you
  12. We will soon come to the end of my topic. There are some mistakes, I've redone a lot of things but it's not always possible because the work would be too important. It's a universe that I was discovering, the next one will be built differently. The chassis, the engine, the cockpit are finished. I'm going to take photos to present it. I will certainly mould the tyres at the same time as those of my next car. For the moment the feedback I have is to present the car without the bodywork, I think so too for the moment.
  13. Hello I had fun making a fluted nut with its fake pin. Why amused...because it's so small that it's not certain that spectators will see it. Once in place the illusion is perfect, isn't it? Front / rear brake control lever
  14. Posting in French was a mistake, I got mixed up in my translated pages. Besides, in French my text would have been better than this translation. Not made for me all that. I won't linger too long here. A few more pictures of my car and it will certainly be good.
  15. Olivier, no ego, he's just a model, cool Difficult to explain everything in English, white balance will allow you to have the same colour for the same object whatever the background and the type of lighting. Sometimes your body is a little more magenta than in another photo, other times a little greener. All this is subtle but a photographer will notice it. It's more if one day you make a photo album, your body will always have the same colour on the photo paper. Of course, this doesn't change the fact that you have a different colour between the bonnet, doors and the rest. It's j
  16. Dan, you were absolutely right and the worst part is that I could see that what I was doing didn't exist. I have no regrets at all for having undone and redone it all. Now every time I place a nut I think of Dan, ah ah ah
  17. To be frank I had noticed this difference of color, hood, door and the rest...I thought it was normal and I did not find it terrible. You write a lot about your pictures and I don’t understand English so I looked at it all without saying anything. I take advantage of it, there are often different variations of rendering on your photos, you should correct the white balance in order to have the same balance on all your photos. (la traduction est mal faite dans la mesure où c'est un conseil et non un ordre). Good continuation ;o)
  18. The work is beautiful and the photos are beautiful. Bravo
  19. Exhaust manifold covered with its "asbestos" strip and fixing flanges.
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