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  1. Dan, it is always a pleasure to admire your work. Manu
  2. It is always a pleasure to discover and admire your work. Wait to see more.
  3. Wow, I was behind on the forum. Your work is always so breathtaking in its realism, precision...a treat that I never tire of watching.
  4. Hi Olivier On the backrest, the black piece is the rear camera mounted on the bikes, during the race, you can see different views.
  5. I now think my first link is to be taken another way. "Le carénage beaucoup plus radical en carbone" certainly speaks to the aerodynamic shape being more radical...regardless of the materials used. Carbon is sharp and brittle, it does not only have advantages, which is why carbon rims, for example, are prohibited. While we're on the subject of carbon, another very interesting link on the big checkerboard carbon. https://www.paddock-gp.com/technique-motogp-le-carbone-a-gros-damier/ I had an industrial client who weaved carbon fiber and when you had approached the carbon rendering I wanted to point out to you that depending on the weaving used we did not have the same rendering at all and sometimes we are far from the "basic" representation that generally found in model making. Sorry, it doesn't help you much but the subject is very interesting I think like you and it is certainly the right solution. Your work is superb
  6. Hi Olivier Obviously the RC2013V of 2014 had a carbon fairing https://motogp.hondaracingcorporation.com/rc213v-2014/ and in addition in the link of the article you have lots of photos of the moto GP
  7. https://moto-station.com/moto-revue/motogp/motogp-carenages-aerodynamiques/422204
  8. To complete my explanation. I was at the time on a forum of 1/6 figurines and I published my Fiat in a suitable section. The members of the forum knowing me and knowing the figurines perfectly knew that I had not made the head, therefore I had not brought this precision. When I came to post on this forum, for the sake of simplicity I mostly copied my messages... so indeed I could have specified it. You know everything ;o) Manu
  9. Don't be sorry Olivier there is no problem but I wonder if the translator is translating some things the wrong way. I never wrote that I had painted the face of my miniature...I don't know why people think that!!! When I put the photo of the head I indicated at the time that I had made the hood and its glasses, that's all. In summary, I therefore bought a figurine (head + body), the head was already like that, I did nothing on it, however I cut out the body to place servo motors there. I have the impression of finding myself in a controversy when I have absolutely not told a story. I never judge anyone, for me this forum is a place where people take pleasure in sharing their achievements, I don't care if the object is made of paper, cardboard, plastic... I say to myself "this guy is happy to show what he does...let's share his pleasure" Have a good evening
  10. Hello guys, I'm surprised to read some things about my figure and how some people interpret some things. I made a 1/6 car from A to Z because I wanted to insert an animated figurine into it. There is a market with enthusiasts, shops, forums for the 1/6 figurine and most importantly the body of a 1/6 figurine allows you to insert several servo motors. So I bought a figurine (on the forum I just wrote that I had made the hood and the goggles!!!) and I cut out the body (which was not intended for that) to insert 2 servo motors. Thanks to @silver911for his wise words. Sorry for the off topic (closed for me) and back to the Honda, thank you. Manu
  11. Hi Olivier The idea I had of cutting the bodywork in 2 is a success on my car. Whether it will be as harmonious and successful on a motorcycle, I can't know, but I think the result can be pleasant. It was an idea like any other. Note: I think the fairing may already be cut in the middle, if so, that may give an idea of the rendering. In any case, very nice work, it's superb. Manu
  12. I didn't understand why I couldn't activate your name. It is indeed the fault of the translator, , sorry
  13. @NickD, @Pouln, @Noel Smith @FouCrank Sorry guys, I missed your posts. Thank you very much, it's always nice to read you. Manu
  14. Hi oliver More original you make 1/2 fairing, 1/2 screen and 1/2 saddle...as I did with the bodywork of my Fiat 806. You place everything on a turntable and we will enjoy watching it all ;o) Manu
  15. Hi Dan Now that you say it, I knew and I have already had in my hands !!! Thanks for the reply and the good idea. This "bécane"(en Français) is gorgeous. Very nice work done with great care as usual
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