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  1. The above shown list of photos is nice, but does not help that much as all of the photos were taken under different light conditions and can therefore not be used for a direct comparison. Here is a photo showing an F-2 and an RF-4E in 'Ocean Camouflage'. Taken at the Hyakuri show in 2015 RF-4E '901' has been the first Recce Phantom to receive the new scheme. And it definitely uses different, brighter, colors than the F-2. More from this show here: http://www.flying-wings.com/2015/hyakuri Blues on the F-4EJ, F-2 and H-60s, however, are the same.
  2. Agree with the above, there are - at least some - stencils visible on MiG-21s '114' and '358': http://www.flying-wings.com/bulgaria
  3. German Air Force / Luftwaffe did not order PIRATE, therefore they are not installed in regular jets. Only once a PIRATE was installed in a regular twin-seater (30+42 GT015) to support the campaign in Switzerland. The exception from this are the German test aircraft 98+03, 98+07 and 98+08 (IPA3, 7 & 8).
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