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  1. Well here's what's left of my first attempt at the matchbox tigger it went belly up when I tried to mate the upper and lower wings I think I had half a dozen goes and it's still sitting there so if I leave it out where I can see it I might get fed up with looking at it I will finish it off.
  2. Just taken delivery of my one kits its probably going to be the first build
  3. I have done it again its that buy it now button put me down for PK-38 Sa dauphin I have been looking for one as its the very first matchbox kit I made.
  4. I found out why I left it as there are no numbers on the spure so I am constantly going back to the front page to find the parts however I am going to persist so I have started on the front forks and made the front wheel. Added the rear wheel and chain and seat. And finally put it all together so nw I have something that resembles a motorbike.
  5. Put me down for PK-505 Tiger moth as I succumbed to temptation and pressed the buy it now button.
  6. It's been in the stash long enough and as I don't build many bikes it's time to get it sorted once and for all here's what I found in the box
  7. I haven't built a dalek in a few years. I chanced across this one on a certain auction site with only 30 seconds to go and luckily I was the only bidder. I have done a couple of modifications being a later version I deepened the base and replaced the kit supplied mesh with aluminium mesh. And here's the result.
  8. I just had to add this one in as it's pretty much normal for rolo.
  9. Found another candidate I have checked scalemates and it goes back quite some way
  10. This one gave a bit of trouble but not in the build sense mainly I part missing and three parts that were short shot because its taken while to get the spares I had to buy another kit to finish the kit off. But here's the result I did have some seat belts for it and unusually for me I have detailed the machine gun bays and engine compartment.
  11. I have a revell 1/48 IDS Tornado I would like enter as my first try ended up in the bin so time to redeem myself.
  12. I have a dapol battle of Britain class loco "fighter pilot" if it fits the bill then I am in.
  13. I got my second kit and it was perfect and I have finished said kit so once I have the parts I am owed I will have a complete second kit which I either build or more than likely sell on.
  14. Three waiting for me when I got home.
  15. Got fed up with waiting for the parts as they are out of stock so I have purchased a new kit and luckily the kit is OK. So when the parts do finally arrive I will put them with the new kit and I will be selling it.
  16. I came across this one cheap on eBay and snapped it up I did find out it had two other boxings the others being academy and minicraft one I enjoyed building and I am pleased with the result.
  17. Count me in as I have the hms beagle date stamped 1956 on the inside of one Hull half
  18. Gave them a phone call last Friday no joy except just order the spares still waiting and as the two model shops only stock airfix I haven't got much choice at the moment.
  19. My goodies from a toy fair at the weekend.
  20. I will be on the phone first thing as all ready I had two spares any more and they might think I am pulling a fast one.
  21. Time for a grumble I could rant and rave but I have the 1/24 hurricane from the mystery box and so far I have been missing one half of a aileron and three mismouided parts so tomorrow they will get a phone call. And here are the said parts those with experience should easily find the mismouided bits. Come on airfix get your act together.
  22. Started on making the funnels. Being planked it needs a bit of work to get them right
  23. Count me in I have a merc fire engine with lightning kit just begging to be built.
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