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  1. Maybe not after all, I've had a look and the crosses are very different from those applied down south. So a red herring I'm afraid - sorry!
  2. The new 4+ book sets include the maltese crosses - but to be strictly honest they're as seen in the UK - i think these were removed before transiting south. They might be a starting point though?
  3. Have a look at the sprue shots thread - -there's a kind link to seats at the end.
  4. Several people have mentioned replacing the seats. Any suggestions for what with? I tried googling 1/72 MB10LH without any obvious success, and I'm afraid most ejector seats look pretty similar to me. (I've bought the RA boxing and am looking forward to it!) Cheers
  5. yeah my old man was really disappointed at having to drive it up the fell to take pictures (NOT!) Shame I'm stuck here in Scotland or I could have had a shot myself! It still works for a living- it's Will's recovery truck for his fleet of vintage buses.
  6. Arrived today (top service from WEM). Initial test splodges look v. convincing - thanks for the tip. I've started a thread with pics of a real MJ http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18129
  7. As mentioned in another thread, a friend of my father uses this MJ recovery in his business. Food for thought for those with unbuilt JB models kits! Loads of photos here: http://flightpath.fotopic.net/c1552890_1.html (Haven't sussed how to upload pics to this forum yet!)
  8. Thanks Daz. Always a bit nervy making a first post! Yeah I thought so. Looks like it would be OK for German stuff and so on in NATO three colour etc. What do folk recommend for British IRR green? I reckon Humbrol Bronze Green looks the part for RAF ground equipment etc, but its waay too dark for Army frontline stuff
  9. Taylor Plastic Models does a replacement metal grille for these things - his part number 4-B2 for £1.50 - I'm going to order some for my Tac refueller http://www.tpmodels.co.uk/ No connection with Bernard (TPM) but as a railway modleller I know his stuff has a v. good reputation. What colour are you using Bex? I tried painting my GS in Tamiya Nato Green but it looks far to green and not grey enough for the colour I expect Bedfords to be. My Father has a friend with an ex Army MJ recovery truck, so I should have some pictures to post soon.
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