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  1. That is a good catch about the stencils or the walkways. As far as I know the production process had started to tend to omit some or the maintenance lead to overpaint the stencils. On the net there are considerable good amount of pictures that carries almost no stencils due repainting, weathering etc. Of course this is not an excuse to omit all in my project. Also, keeping in mind that this is a small aircraft the thickness of all the decals for the stencils would pop up and hence would ruin the overall finish by creating a step for each the decal I would use. This is also a reason why I only
  2. Hello All, This is my first model that I share in this community. Unfortunately I need to admit that I am a very slow builder. Still at last I could finish a model after 2 years. Well, the reason; moving to a new country, getting new training for my job etc. The model is detailed with very minor additions like seatbelts (FM Nano) fuel line, brakes lines, handles for the canopy, self made pitot tube, antenna. Also only the devil head and the number 154 are decals. Paints used are from Gunze Sangyo. Only the hard lines on the wings and elevators are masked. The rest and the wavy camouf
  3. Hello All, My name is Arkut Yuksel. I live in Germany. I am 42 years old and building model kits of military aviation subjects since I was a child. I wanted to join your community to be able to improve my knowledge and learn new things. It would also be an honour for me if I could be useful for anything. I am not capable of creating lots of my own parts or playing with the tools that are mostly welcomed on the market so I keep my finishes out of box and with not fancy looking ones. All the best and Cheers! Arkut
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