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  1. Great job and a brilliant colour scheme Regards, Former Melbournian
  2. There should be a category in this site called Museum Collection. Yours would certainly be in that collection. Steve from Sydney
  3. This is just a magnificent build. Your scratch built embellishments are superb. Agree the 777 is a sensational aircraft. I would like to do one with Air New Zealand livery. We were lucky enough to fly their black and white version from Auckland to San Francisco. Amazing aircraft
  4. Absolutely amazing paintwork. No wonder it took hours and hours and hours Simply brilliant
  5. David, this is a superb build. Pure artistry in terms of your build. I did this kit in 2012-2013 and was blown away by the unequaled quality and fit of the parts along with the detail. It is easily the best quality kit I have attempted to build. It was a joy to work on and I wish I still had it as it is long gone due to breakage with household moves. Tempted to get another one and start over. Mine was different as I did it in a tiger scheme which is completely different to any other version I have seen. Not up to your standard but I was happy with the result given my averag
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