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  1. Well yes, Peter, but you have the proof what the other meaning of "sea scheme" could be. On the other hand, if "sea scheme" was Fighter Command slang for DFS, how common was it overall? If someone wired a MU in Scotland to repaint the Spitfires in "sea camouflage", would they reach for TSS or DFS drawings? Vedran
  2. So, your contrarian take is that everything "sea camouflaged" goes because "we simply do not know"? Fascinating. We do in fact have a pretty good grasp of what the people writing the orders at that time thought of when they wrote "sea camouflaged" and what paints were available, but if you want to to use Gris Hydroavion on your Spitfires, no one will stop you.
  3. Hello Graham, I didn't mean the actual colors, I have read some of the Color Conundrum articles. I meant are we guessing the actual subject list. Malta Spits, RN Phantoms, Wellington, Tarpon, Be.2 etc are pictured on rhe cover. Or do we know it is cronologically from 1st Conundrum column to the 25th or so.
  4. Re: Color compendium vol. 1 book, is the list of included articles known, od do we make educated guesses from the cover illustration?
  5. IIRC the last info from Facebook vac/resin group was that the person who bought the tooling has no interest in producing the kits. There was/is a resin conversion (or a full kit) from Wilde Sau Resins and/or Lone Star Models, but price+shipping+customs dues might be a problem.
  6. Oooh a 1/48 Ka-25 would be most welcome
  7. Spasiba. I can hold my own in any kvas drinking contest edit: and I lurk on scalemodels.ru forums every week, and I missed that
  8. @Aardvark so, Serge, any links, advertisements, screenshots yet?
  9. That GWH shtick is ancient - they can forget about it if Zvezda arrives first, and probably 50% cheaper.
  10. Il-2 was first because modellers needed it like bread. Vedran
  11. Probably the Armada book. Landscape format, style similar to Squadron-Signal.
  12. They have the plastic, so they will probably release it at some point. If you already have the decals, edit: *Mk.IIb* is available as the bare plastic Overtrees issue.
  13. FYI, the host of the YouTube channel is Mikhail Timin, who authored a series of excellent articles on 1941 VVS camouflage in M-Hobby magazine ca 2 years ago.
  14. Julien, the set is OOS sice forever and hasn't been restocked, to my knowledge.
  15. Yes! Thank you. As the RedRoo correction set is unavailable in the upper hemisphere, a good how-to walkthrough for corrections is most welcome. Cheers, Vedran
  16. Ah, nothing like the words "1948 Albom Nakrasok dogma" to make me dismiss the whole thread. I'll cease&desist now. Vedran
  17. I'm glad that the culprit has been found and that the fix is so simple
  18. dragonlanceHR

    Caproni Ca.310

    When will SH finally realise that a series of Ca.310-313 in 1/48 would sell like hot cakes?
  19. I don't know any sets, but in Europe I would reccomend you get at least the first two (if not all three) MR paint scribers - narrow, needle and wedge; and the JLC (or CMK) saw. Templates are available from Hasegawa, Eduard etc. Scribe guide tapes are also available from various suppliers.
  20. There are several tools, but basically you have three types: - round needle scribe - best for curves and circles - chisel-edge scribe - for straight lines - thin photo-etched saw - useful for connecting the scribed lines on wing leading edges or fuselage spine, also the only way to scribe in resin without chipping. There is only one firm rule of scribing: never scribe freehand. There are several types of scribing guide adhesive tapes and various shape templates available. Here are some useful videos, there are dozens more online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRnKEwsQSaQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q65YL2PkBvw
  21. I ordered both kits (release with Quinta interiors) on June 18th from i-modelist and they were delivered today to my home in Croatia. Two and a half weeks is not bad.
  22. http://scalewiki.ru/амт (a bit dated) or/and
  23. @daneel did you shake the bottle well? Some of their colors tend to separate in the bottle and require thorough mixing and shaking before use.
  24. Except, you know, we broke up Still, plenty available on this side of the Channel, tho the prices have come up a few euros over the weekend.
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