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  1. PF Naughton that's the reason I haven't built a United States, I have heard the kits available all have some issues. Thanks Chewbacca. Avoiding the bulbous bow will save you a lot of trouble. That’s all for 1/600 Queen Mary 2. Out of the box with some railings. The funnel decals had me using curse words I didn’t even know I knew lol. Time for a break. I am going to build a 3D printer from a kit and try to learn how to use it.
  2. Ok then the Glencoe is the one I would stay away from. The Revell is a waterline kit if I'm not mistaken? As long as the proportions are correct I may have to try and find one of those some day. I bought a Glencoe France and didn't care for it and never built it.
  3. Yes, I have heard some bad things about any of the SS United States kits . I would buy one but I keep hearing they are very toy like and are actually modeled after SS America. I think the distance between the stacks is too short or something along those lines. I've never seen one in person though. I hope your luck turns for the better on your project. Chris
  4. Thanks beefy. If you don't mind my asking. which kit do you have? I've seen four versions, 1/400, 1/600, 1/700, and 1/1200. After Titanic I think she comes in second for most kits available. In place of the 50 versions of Titanic and the bunch for QM2 I would love to have just a single 1/350 Aquitania lol!
  5. Thanks Norman. I added most of the PE. Once the davits are installed I’ll add the boat deck railings.
  6. Thanks Knb.1451. The real ship has dark glass on the balconies but the black railings will have to be close enough just to get some color in there. It looks pretty bland being just white everywhere.
  7. Thanks Knb.1451. I said I was gonna build this out of the box but I flip flopped and started doing black PE railings on the balconies of 1/600 QM2. Did the first four blocks on one side. I have some Gold Medal stainless PE which I can never seem to bend correctly so I’ll use it up here since these are straight runs. I’ll use brass for the rest of the railings. I also changed the color of the screw blades from copper to something more towards a steel color.
  8. Thanks holtaa. More progress on 1/600 Queen Mary 2. I’ve decided I’m going to build this straight out of the box with hardly any PE for a change. I think the cost of PE railings to do this kit will be more money than the kit. Just the balconies alone would be expensive. I would rather put that cost into the 1/400 version. Out of the box really makes it a quick build.
  9. Nice photos Iceman29. 1/600 Queen Mary 2 is moving along quickly.
  10. I can answer your question with a little more insight as I have progressed along on the kit. As with most of the kits I've built the bridge area has fitment issues, probably more than most. There are quite a few flimsy parts coming together here and they don't like to play nicely together. Unfortunately some of the connections have more pressure on them than I would prefer in my attempt to narrow the gaps between pieces.. I'm hoping the glue doesn't give way at some point in the future causing the bridge to burst into several pieces lol. I did not find it possible to totally test fit this area
  11. Knb.451 from what I have seen the parts, except for the color of the clear parts and decals are exactly the same. Beefy, I’m really trying to make it a quick build but the kit is not allowing that lol. There is a LOT of masking on the clear parts. Several things to be aware of. The first is the bow section that has to be grafted on. It is a pain to blend in, bad fit. There are raised accent lines of plastic that run most of the length of the hull at the waterline aft of the piece you have to attach. Where the seam is it is smooth so it’s a strange transition. Then as you move more
  12. Thanks. I have both Airfix and Heller, this is the Heller. They look exactly the same except the clear parts are tinted dark in the Heller and the decals are a little different. The hull is two pieces but not in the traditional way. It is not two halves but rather a full hull but with the bulbous bow as a separate piece that does not fit well and requires a whole lot of work to blend in. So far the rest of the fit seems OK but I haven't progressed all that far yet.
  13. I decided to do a quick build of a 1/600 Queen Mary 2. I'm going to try to build all the 1/600 ocean liners available before I move back to the larger scales.
  14. Hi I'm sorry but I just saw your post. Thank you. The France as you mentioned was sold to Norwegian Cruise Lines and turned into the Norway where she served as a cruise ship for many years. She was eventually scrapped in the midst of controversy over her containment of asbestos as the SS Blur Lady. The SS United States is still with us, though deteriorating at a pier in Philadelphia for the last few decades. The cost to just keep her tied up at the pier is I believe tens of thousands of dollars per month. There is a conservancy trying to save her but her future is in doubt. She is now a f
  15. Well I'm calling this 1/700 resin Normandie done. That's about as much as I feel like doing to it. I doubt I will ever put rigging on it as it's so fragile I think a breeze would break stuff off! This was a lot harder to build than I ever thought it would be.
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