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  1. Hi gang. i'm curreently building the Trumpeter 1/32 Harrier GR.9 (I have the Wolfpack 100% LERX etc.) I also have the Wolfpack BOL rails, and some Flightpath AIM-9 Acquisition rounds. my query is... would they be carried on both BOL rails, or only on one? If only on one, what would be on the other one, to balance the load? cheers. Phil
  2. I have both the NeOmega and Pavla cockpits. The Pavla looks less complicated, but not as well detailed as the NeOmega one
  3. I have just had an email from Airfix, that my new 'Q' sprue is on its way. Here's hoping
  4. Thanks mate I would have done it wheels up, but I had already cut & folded the wingtips. Lol
  5. Hi all Has anyone built the new Airfix Zero 'wheels up'? The reason I ask is that I have managed to ruin parts C 22 & 23, the small inner doors and their supports/mechanisms. Does anyone have them left over and unwanted? I can reimburse postage, or help out if I can Phil
  6. Hi, All I recently acquired an Academy 1/48 Tomcat with Twobob's NSAWC splintered decal sheet (48-007) I love the scheme, but the masking is going to be does anyone produce pre-cut masks for this scheme? Thanks, Phil
  7. Guess who managed to fit the refuelling probe on his Lightning F2 under the STARBOARD wing...
  8. Damn, damn, damn and DAMN!! Guess who just bought two CA Whirlwind kits! Phil (hanging quietly in my shed)
  9. Hi all, My wife has asked me to build some of the Airfix Operation Herrick sets into dioramas to auction/raffle off for Help for Heroes. Problem is, the Lynx has no pilots! Does anyone know of a company making a dedicated Lynx crew? Failing that, has anyone found alternative figures from other kits that will fit? Hope you can help, Phil
  10. As far as I know, and from the (limited) information at my disposal.... There was a gun camera in the nose (sometimes) and a tactical camera behind the bomb bay. That was it. Hope this helps, Phil
  11. Lovely work, Guys. I also bought Eduard cockpit set, Nano seat belts and Brassin wheels and SAC Metal undercarriage...all wasted! I may save up for the SWS He219. Phil
  12. Damn thing! Poor fit, flash, sink marks, part joins across access panels...too many gripes to list! For a brand new, 'state of the art' kit, it was a piece of I threw it away! Phil
  13. Hi all, I have just started my 1/32 HE 219, with Eduard goodies. My problem is, Eduard's interpretation of RLM 66 for the cockpit panels is very much lighter and bluer than most manufacturers' paints. Has anyone got a paint colour (preferably acrylic) that matches Eduard's ? all the best, Phil
  14. My darling wife has got one on order for me from my local branch of Modelzone...unfortunately, I suspect it is going to end up brightly wrapped in special paper and placed under the Christmas Tree!!
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