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  1. How can Paypal or money transfer add VAT? Surely they would not have enough information to correctly calculate the VAT?
  2. From the 2021 release video, "fewer parts, less internal detail" https://youtu.be/LVx0yLyeeuQ?t=88
  3. Well I must say it looks good for winging it.
  4. Dito the wood effect, how did you paint it?
  5. Very nice, I seemed to have more than I indended, I probably be making the the same mistakes.
  6. I'm not interested either, but many modellers make things that never existed.
  7. When I have sent packages abroard, the PO always checks value and whether a declaration is required and made. I would expect that to be the same for any shipping company when the receive it, especially as they will quite often pass through multiple companies.
  8. Looks great, the order CRC code on the model confused me at first as it was superficially the same as the one on the box art until I realised it was a ddifferent aircraft.
  9. Lovely, turned out much better than mine using the supplied acrylics mainly, wasn't helped by the inconsistencies with the paint scheme over the nose cowling.
  10. That is nice, the BFC edition?
  11. Welcome and I have a bother half too.
  12. IIRC it was reduced as it originally didn't include shipping
  13. ANd no warning at the checkout .....
  14. Tried a low value ebay item from China - no VAT added in the checkout, so a potential £8 fee from the post office + the VAT (no I did not buy).
  15. Thanks to detailing the, it will come in useful when I get round to mine.
  16. Try https://www.y2mate.com/en65, it doesn't work for all videos, but worth as try.
  17. A lovely and diverse set of builds,
  18. My grandfather was a peeping tom. He drilled holes in the floor to watch the downstairs neighbours. He passed away recently but I like to think he's up there, looking down on us.
  19. Welcome from another returnee!
  20. Should be veiwable here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr6dQFfHvvs
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