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  1. I would like to thank evryone for their input. Being new to this site, I had no idea that it would have attracted such a discussion! I now know a lot more about the consequences of posting stuff around the world, Brexit and even some decal information! I have to admit to seeing a you-tube in-box review of the Kitty hawk Voodoo and would you believe it contains Canadian Air Force markings as well as American. The only comment I have is that when I saw 2 Squadrons of these Aircraft in Bagotville in 1972, the wording on one side was in English, the other side being in French, but the decal sheet
  2. Does anyone know if it possible to get Canadian Air Force Decals for the Voodoo in 1/48th scale. I have found a Canadian company called Leading Edge that might have them but they have not replied to my request for information.
  3. Having read the forum about the likely colour matches for the Frecci Fiat G91 era and settling on Xtracolor X374, I am not having much luck trying to purchase a pot. Any ideas where I might get it.
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