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  1. Cheers Chris. Just a thought, but if the stash is that big, SWMBO will probably not notice an addition, smuggled in at an opportune moment
  2. Agreed Stever and thanks for the extra gen re the M number. In fact it was that photo that prompted the idea, its full of great detail. An unusual shot. The latest scheme TE184 wears is as a clipped wing MkIX with invasion stripes. Maybe I’ll tackle that once I’ve finished the 1/24 Airfix Hurri I’m fighting with!
  3. Thank you all. Re the crossed out numbers fubar! As you'll know TE184 is the serial code of the aircraft. Once its struck off charge, demobbed if you like, the airframe might be allocated a 'maintenance serial'. So in this case, they've allocated the M serial and put it above the old serial. This particular Spitfire was struck off charge because it made a wheels up landing in the early fifties and was not deemed worthy of repair back to flying status. It ended up as gate guardian to an ATC unit, hence the colour photo, where it started to slowly rot. It's history is well documented on t
  4. Cheers Greg. The high back is the Revell kit and the low back, the Eduard kit. Both nice to build.
  5. Ok, so this no picture thing might be down to me being a plank. Hopefully these will be visible. A selection of the models and the real thing! Both then and now (well, recently anyway before the owner had the thing re-painted just as I'd finished the model!!)
  6. Sorry chaps. New to this forum and haven't uploaded images via a URL before. Any tips to prevent the pics disappearing would be welcome. Used Microsoft One Drive as suggested in the forum help section. Doh!! For what it's worth I can still see 'em but that probably means nothing. Cheers
  7. If the prop is anything to go by then this will be a stunner.
  8. Difficult really. TW Etchells was KIA but never found so his name is on the memorial for lost aircrew in Singapore. Have searched a great deal for info but can't even come up with a unit for the chap. He was a golfer pre-war and one of the trophies in the local club is played for each year under his name. RIP to him for sure. I hear conflicting reports of the Vengeance, from 'much maligned' to 'a real work horse'. I think it did some sterling service though both with the RAF and the RAAF.
  9. Exceptional indeed. And in such a small scale. Masterpiece.
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